Monday, January 8, 2018

The Bucket List

Ah, the New Year. The time to make all those resolutions and then not keep them. 

No, that won't do. 

How about a bucket list instead? 

I've been steadily marking things off my bucket list. This bucket list was my "wants put into list form" last September. It was a list of things I wanted to do once I finally had all three kiddos in school and uninterrupted time during the day to myself. It was a list of things I knew I needed to work on. 

See, the great thing about bucket lists is that there is no "must do by this date" requirement. There is totally no pressure. Just an "I'd like to eventually do this because....." attitude. You can add to it and subtract from it. You can work on something from the list, then take a break from it, only to pick it back up again. You can permanently leave something on the list. There is no "if this is on the list, it means it has to be done or you fail" rule. There is no official start up or end time. You can keep chugging along at it year after year. 

Yes, in my opinion, bucket lists are so much better than resolutions. 

Marked off my bucket list is..... 

Realize it is necessary and ok to say NO to others (haha)
Pick up the violin
Start seeing a Naturepath to figure out all my ailments (more on this later!) 
Learn how to make soap
Look into and start learning/using Homeopathic remedies (more on this later!) 
Continue to learn and use essential oils safely and effectively
Start ditching the old makeup in favor or healthy/safe options

Still on, or added to my bucket list is.....

Do more things on whim
Get my adrenal and thyroid in order to feel less tired (more on this later!) 
Train this damn puppy
Have more game nights with the family
Learn how to use my bread machine
Stress management. Goosfraba. (haha)  
Dig my toes in the sand
Grow more confident in homeopathy
Seriously pick up the violin.....like for real  
Yell less
Make some money
Continue making progress with my Naturepath
Volunteer in Timothy's class 
Adequately manage my headaches and migraines 
Spend more time with friends
Pick up running....or yoga....or cardio videos.....or boflex.....again
Get some ink
Grow another kick-ass garden and truly utilize all its goodness
Become a better, more confident cook and cook more

And more! 

Go make your bucket list. 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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