Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Big K

Timothy had a special Parent-Teacher Connection meeting last Thursday in preparation for Kindergarten. It went really well, and he loved his Teacher, Mrs. Howell and Teacher Assistant, Mrs. Gray. I'm so glad the school now has these personal getting-to-know-you meetings with kindergartners, it goes a long way in making the children feel more comfortable and prepared for the first day of school! Mrs. Howell couldn't get over how sweet Timothy was and how into his coloring he was. She said he was the first kiddo to make sure he colored the whole thing for her. He spelled his name like a champ, and when prompted how he knew how to spell his name, he said, "because I'm a genius." hahaha She about died. Great work, Timothy! 

Mrs. Howell sent home some sweet gifts for Timothy and myself. One of Tim's being a First Day Kit filled with odds and ends. Tim loved that! Especially the candy! 

And my gift? Ugh, made me cry just reading it! A cotton ball to represent Timothy's soft spirit, a tissue to dry my eyes, and some crystal light so drink while I relax....alone. LOL  

Last night, Papa read a few school books to the kiddos, one of them being The Night Before Kindergarten. I'm glad Sam did all the reading....I would have bawled while trying to read. 

Afterwards, Timothy opened up his last gift from Mrs. Howell. It was a nice little poem and some glitter to put under his pillow! The glitter would help him to fall asleep and sleep well so that he could be well rested and prepared for the first day of Kindergarten! How freaken adorable!!! 

Eeekkk!! Morning time on the first day of Kindergarten! Now I have three lunches to pack and three backpacks to set out!!

I really don't know how my baby is in Kindergarten now. It seems so surreal. This day came far too quickly. I always knew it would come....but it always seemed so far off. I wish time would slow down.

Timothy did so well waking up early and getting out of bed right away. He requested that I carry him to the table and snug him in his blanket, haha. Anything on the first day of school, sweet boy! Papa made his favorite - chocolate chip pancakes! After eating, it was time to get dressed, brush teeth with Papa, and get in a few last minute snuggles with Mama!

Picture time! I love the photos I got of Timothy, especially the ones of him with Anth and Mols. He was all smiles and so happy-go-lucky! It really was a great morning at home and I am so proud of him for being such a brave and happy boy. I really did expect him to have a miserably sad morning, lol. 

Off to the bus stop! 

While I felt confident that Timothy would be ok with school, after having had that awesome meeting with his teacher and a stellar morning getting ready for school, I was still anxious about the bus. He never really talked much about the bus or responded back much when we talked about him riding it. The bus driver has assigned seats (Ugh....don't get me started....), and I thought about talking to her and asking if Molly could sit with Tim for the first week or so, but decided against it. I can't always bail Timothy out of an uncomfortable or scary situation, can I? Sometimes he's got to just be a big boy and know that he'll be ok. It was really hard for me to make that decision, as I always want to protect my babies and make their way in life as easy and less scary as possible.  

He was still all smiles until the bus doors shut. He got on the bus, Anth helped strap him in (because apparently the K kids have seat belts), then I saw the bus driver turn and say something to him (what did she say!?)...and then....oh God....he started to cry. My heart just broke. I kept saying to Sam, "Oh God, is he crying? He's crying isn't he? Why is he crying!? Look at him!" It was all I could do to keep a calm face, wave, and blow him a kiss. I had to quickly turn away and get back in the car. I didn't want him to see my crying. IT WAS AWFUL. You could see him just quietly, gently, crying in his seat. And I couldn't do anything about it. I'm sure he was scared! It finally hit him - he was doing this, and there was no Mama and Papa to go with him. I felt sick and I started sobbing as we watched the bus drive away and we drove away as well. Maybe I should have talked to the bus driver after all. 

That was rough.... could have been a lot worse, I know... but that was rough none the less. 

Once back home, Sam left for work and I busied myself with the garden and stuff....feeling like crap....crying...wanting to vomit. I text my friend, Mrs. Erin Gray - the Teacher Assistant in his class, telling her about Timothy. She promised me she would see him as soon as she could and give him a big 'ol hug. That made me feel better. 

Later, she sent me two photos and he was back to all smiles! I'm so thankful for Erin sending me those photos! I'm glad she is in Mrs. Howell's classroom, she makes me feel so much better about this whole Kindergarten thing. I know Timothy will be in good hands with her and Mrs. Howell.

I also heard through the grapevine that Molly was the best big sister once they got to school. She promised me she would walk him to his class to drop his backpack off at the classroom wall like he was instructed to do. Then she was to walk him to the cafeteria where he would then be told where to go for recess. Apparently, not only did she do all that, but she went with him out to the playground for morning recess and stayed with him the whole time until it was time to go to class. That girl.....she really pulls through for you in your moment of need. I'm so proud of her. What a great big sister!  


Everything will be ok. He will be ok. I will be ok. Firsts are rough. Especially when it is your last one's first. 

Happy first day of Kindergarten, Hunny Bunny! We love you so very much! You have been such a big, brave boy and we are so very proud of you! I can't wait to hear all about your first day and give you lots of snuggles!! 

With Love,
Mama Hauck