Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August Garden Progress

Wowzer, the garden is doing AMAZING! We are really having a great time gardening this year! And so much has grown wonderfully! I feel so proud! The last time I did a garden blog post was June 12th, a lot has changed since then! 

For my birthday in July, Sammy finally got my mailbox put up! I thought that was a cute way to store all my smaller gardening tools. I love it!! 

While my mom and dad were here mid-July, we harvested our first planting of carrots! That was fun to do with them! Everyone chipped in to pull the carrots, my dad tilled up the bed, then Sam and I planted our second round we'll be able to harvest in the fall! 

The carrots are delicious! We harvested enough to put in our fridge to eat at will over the next month or so, and then I shredded the rest and wound up with enough shredded carrots to make two carrot cakes in the future. I'm excited about our second planting as we planted our favorites - denver half-longs. Those usually come in great and supply a lot! 

Our pumpkin patch! It only took about 2 weeks for our pumpkin seeds to sprout, and once they did....wow! They grew like crazy! They went from this.....

To this......

......to this! In just a month and a half! I was so excited when I started to see a few flowers pop up a week ago! Now there's flowers all over the place, it's beautiful! 

They really are huge! The pictures don't do the pumpkin patch justice! It is really exciting watching them grow. We are super stoked to start seeing little pumpkins start to form on all those beautiful flowers! It's going to be so much fun to pick pumpkins from our own pumpkin patch this year! 

Anthony's cabbages are doing awesome and have gotten huge! I harvested the largest (closest in the picture) a few days ago. It's ginormous! It's waiting in the fridge for us to make up our minds about what we want to make with it, lol. We can harvest the other two any time now. 

The tomato plants are beautiful. They were just little starts when we got them from our neighbor, and now they're tall, lush, and have tons of tomatoes on them waiting to ripen! We plan to make salsa from them, depending on how many we get. 

The onions were a bit tricky. I was having a hard time figuring out if I was watering them too much, or just right. If I should water them every day or space it out. Everyone I talked to seemed to have something different to say. Oh well. I watered them heavy every day up until a week and a half ago when most of the stems were brown and bent over, then I figured it was time to cut the water and let them sit. That seems to have gone over well! We pulled a few, and the rest are ready to be pulled as well! We just haven't quite found the time to do so. We've got a ton! Exciting!

I'm super excited about the strawberries. They produced like crazy for a few weeks and we gobbled up all those berries! Then all the little new runners started to find their way over to the empty side of the box, yay! I also went and dug up some of the starts off the 4 mother plants and transplanted them over to the empty side of the box. Strawberry production ceased after that couple week boom, but I do have a new round of flowers coming on now, so we'll get another round of berries in a few weeks! 

I am so proud of my raspberry plants! We got a ton of raspberries so far this year! Our raspberry plants in the middle of the raised bed always flowers and produces berries first, in June. While the raspberry plants on the ends flower and produce in August. I'm excited for the second round of raspberries! 

Our green beans have been so fun to watch! It's incredible to see how quickly something will take off! I was excited to watch them get taller and leaf out, so imagine how stoked I was when their little arms started to reach out, seek the string and fencing, and climb up! After that it was only a matter of time before the flowers came, followed by my first little bean yesterday morning!!

Eeek!! Garden fun!! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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