Sunday, July 30, 2017

Oregon Coast Beach House Trip 2017

We made our annual trip to the Evans' beach home to celebrate Garabaldi Days and enjoy the Evans' crab boil over the weekend of the 22nd.

We were missing Anthony for this trip, he decided to go with his Grandma up to Whidbey to visit with his Great Grandparents and other family. Mols and Timothy went with Grandma over Spring Break back in April, but Anthony had to stay behind because of wrestling tournaments. So it was great that Anthony made the decision all on his own to skip the beach and head to the Island. We missed him being with us, but I'm proud of him for making that decision. 

Thursday afternoon, right after we showed up, Christy watched the kids so Mike and Tim could took us out on the boat to go check the crab pots. That was awesome! It's always so fun going out! I usually do ok, but this time I did get a bit queasy once we were out on the ocean. Don't worry, I didn't toss my cookies, and once we were back across the bar I was completely fine. Super exciting that the crab pots were all full! The guys each got their limit and we headed back in with a boat full of crab.

Molly and Timothy, while not really into eating crab, really enjoyed looking at them and helping. The guys got them all boiled and cleaned up and Timothy helped transfer them from the boiling water to the cooling tub. He really dug being able to help! 

We really love being in Garibaldi, and we are so thankful that our friends always open their home to us so we can join them in the fun of Garibaldi Days and their annual crab boil. Mike is such a great cook! Thursday night he made home made fish and chips! His home made tartar sauce was to die for. It was definitely a delicious meal! The kids enjoyed their glow sticks and bubbles, while wrapping up the night with smores and great conversation around the fire. 

This year, instead of taking one of the bedrooms in the house, we took our pop-up along and camped in their driveway. This worked well for us as we had our own "space" and I didn't ever worry about the kids being loud and potentially waking anyone up. 

Friday morning Sam woke up early to go check the crab pots again and go fishing. The guys caught 7 fish, Sam taking home the 2 that he caught for our freezer. Awesome!! While he was out fishing, the kids and I had a leisurely morning eating breakfast, hanging out, and then we walked to town to check out all the vendor booths they always have set up for Garibaldi Days. 

Once Sam was back at about 1, we headed back down to the booths so he could see what was there, we walked the shops down town, stopped at a few local garage sales, had a delicious dinner of hamburgers, and then relaxed the night away with another fire. 

Saturday morning we took a trip to the Tillamook Farmers Market and bought some honey and flavored salt. Afterwards, of course, we made our annual stop to the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Right now the old visitor center is torn down as they build a bigger, better one, so they've got a temporary little one for the time being. It was just as awesome and the kids really enjoyed touring a "dairy farm" and learning all about farm life. We sampled cheese, stocked up on some favorites, and got ice cream! 

After stuffing our faces with ice cream, we made it back to town with enough time to catch the Garibaldi Days Parade! The kids really love the parade because they always get a ton of candy, haha! This year we forgot bags, so into my purse the candy went! 

After the parade, we decided we were overdue for a trip to the beach. We loaded up our towels, some sand toys, our friend Olivia, and headed to Barview Jetty Beach to soak up the sun and let the kids have a blast. The beach is always my favorite part of the whole trip. We didn't get to go to my favorite beach, Cape Meares Beach, due to time, but that's alright. Any beach will do when it's been a year since you've been!

The kids had a great time digging in the sand, making sand castles, chasing the waves, finding shells, and getting all wet and sandy! 

The crab boil! The moment we have all been waiting for! After the beach, Sam and the guys got to work preparing for the crab boil. It's always the most delicious feast! I managed to eat 2 whole crab, plus all the other goodies that were part of dinner!  

The Garibaldi Days fireworks at 10:00 pm always caps off our night crab boil night. This year we headed on down to Mikes boat to take in the show. The kids loved being able to sit on the docked boat while watching the fireworks show, especially Tim. Garibaldi always puts on a great show! 

Thank you, Evans' family, for another wonderful coast trip! We truly appreciate your friendship, love, and hospitality! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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