Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hello, Darlings! Welcome to the World!

We went to the beach this past Thursday thru Sunday. Before we left, I begged Oreo not to have her kittens whilst I was away. I told her I wanted to be there for that special moment as I had never witnessed kitties being born before. If I could have made her pinky promise, I would have. 

This is how I left her.....fat, happy, and still pregnant. 

It's probably my own fault for telling her she needed to wait. In true kitty fashion, she did whatever the heck she wanted. She had her kittens Sunday morning while we were driving home. She literally only had to wait 3 hours, but no.

And did she have them in the birthing box I lovingly made for her? Of course not, because that's what I had wanted her to do. I had a feeling she might snub the box when the time came, so before I left, just in case, I put a large blanket underneath my side of the bed. That is where she had her kittens. .....but not on the blanket. No. She moved the blanket over and delivered them on the carpet underneath the bed.


Oh well! We have 4 healthy newborn kittens! EEKKK!!! I love them!!! 3 black and white, 1 gray. All freaken adorable! The kids are just out of their minds excited! 

Oreo is such a good Mama! She is very attentive to the kittens and allows me to visit with her and the kittens just fine. In fact, she seeks me out. She'll leave the bedroom to come find me and bug the crap out of me (you know....like almost tripping me 12 times) until I follow her back to the kittens where she crawls back under the bed and I lay down on the floor, petting her while she nurses her kitties. Haha

They make the cutest little meows! I love having them under my bed! I get to listen to their little mews when I'm awake, but they're definitely not loud enough to wake me up when I'm sleeping, which is a good thing. I've put in my sleepless nights with my own children, it's Oreo's turn, lol!  

Another week and they should have their eyes open!! Exciting!!

I wonder which are boys and which are girls? We haven't checked yet as we're not handling them much right now. In a few days I think we'll try and check. We came up with a list of 10 boy names and 10 girl names, haha. We can't wait to name them!

This is me.....forever looking at the kittens, hahaha. Hooray for babies! I needed a baby fix, lol. 

Good job, Sweet Mama Kitty. We are so looking forward to watching the kittens grow and deciding which one we're going to keep! Too bad we can't keep them all! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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