Sunday, July 23, 2017

Grandma and Grandpa's Visit!

This year, we were lucky enough to have both my mom and dad out at the same time for a week long visit! That was a special treat for the kids! 

After getting Grandpa all set up in our guest cabin and Grandma set up in her camper, no one felt like cooking, so off to Mexican it was! Whenever Grandpa comes to town, we know we're going to eat out a few times. He's got his list of favorites, and Ayutla's was the first one we hit on that list, haha! Thanks for always treating us out, Grandpa! 

I wanted to be sure to take Grandma and Grandpa to the water front park in Hood River this year, since neither have ever been and we've talked about how the kids love that park and beach area. We ate lunch at Solstice and let the kids play on the playground for a bit. Solstice has the best brussel sprouts, and those whirly-gig rides are pretty intense! 

Every year on our way home from camping, we stop at Packers Orchards to get ice cream. Grandpa has been with us many times as he's gone camping with us in the past, Grandma, however, has never been! So we took the short drive to go there because their ice cream is delicious and worth it! 

Another must do with Grandma and Grandpa - the Hood River Pipeline Trail! We've been on it a few times now and knew that Grandma and Grandpa would love it. It's an easy hike that is made extra fun by walking the metal pathway right over the pipeline. The kids love being able to get off the path and play down in the sand. It was a good hike and the weather was perfect! 

Here's the deer in that field at the end of our road, Grandpa! 

While Sam was at work, Grandma, Grandpa, and I took the kids to the Trampoline Park in Yakima. The adults did not partake in jumping this go-around, haha, but the kids got in a solid hour of jumping before we ate lunch at Bob's Burgers and Brew. That was a good meal! We also did some school clothing shopping for the kiddos. It feels good to get that done! 

We spent one day of their visit just hanging around the house playing and putzing around town. We took the kids to the library, had a picnic at the park, and spent some time at the pool! 


Happy Birthday to me! When you're turning 31, your birthday wish list is full of practical items.....like a new (softer!) bike seat, claw gardening gloves, reusable produce bags, a mini fridge for the guest cabin, a little spending money, help with the kids' back to school clothing needs, 10 pounds of raspberries to make jam, and a very much needed new garbage can! I admit, to many, those are not very exciting gifts, but to me....I hit the jackpot! Thank you, everyone, for getting me the gifts I really wanted for my birthday! :)

And what to do on my birthday? Also not very exciting, but very much wanted....knocking out my to-do list! We spent the day doing little odds and ends around the house that I've been wanting to have done for awhile....like buying more sand for our sandbox and cleaning it out. Now it's all ready for my Niece, Madalynn, to play in when they get here in a little over a week! Grandpa and Timothy helped with that chore! 

We also put up my mailbox in the garden that now holds all my gardening tools. Isn't it cute!? I love it! 

For birthday dinner, we met up with our friends, The Johnson's, at The Glass Onion and had a delicious meal. It was also the perfect time to take some family photos together!

We took a day and went to the Maryhill Museum. Grandpa has been here in the past, but Grandma hasn't, and some of the display often change, so it was nice to go again.

I was really excited about harvesting out first planting of carrots with Grandma and Grandpa here! We all chipped in to harvest the carrots, then Grandpa tilled up the bed, and Sam and I planted our second round. Fun! The carrots are delicious. I have a bug full ready to eat in the fridge, and enough grated, bagged up, and frozen to make two carrot cakes in the future. 

We spent a lot of down time having some outside fun. Grandpa and Molly flew kites whenever the wind allowed...... 

There was a ton of bubble blowing (and spilling).....

We broke out the new slip and slide that Aunt Jill got for the kiddos for their birthdays and added it to our old existing slip and slide to make one long awesome one!.....

And we also got in a little practice with the BB guns! 

On Grandma and Grandpa's last night of their visit, Sammy cooked burgers and Molly helped me set up a nice table outside so we could all eat out in the sunshine! We should do that more often.

We really enjoyed Grandma and Grandpa's visit and feel blessed that they both could be here at the same time! See you next year Grandpa, and see you for Thanksgiving, Grandma! We love you! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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