Friday, June 2, 2017

Tim's Preschool Graduation and Last Day of PreK!

The Learning Ladder Christian Preschool held their graduation for all the kiddos this past Wednesday evening, May 31st. Timothy was very excited to get his graduation hat; but not so much to have to sing and take a bow at the end. 

I asked him if he would at least sing one song for me, you know, since to date, he hasn't sang at any of his programs. He assured me he would sing two, his favorites, but that was it. Just two. 

.....wouldn't you know it, he DID!!!! It's a graduation miracle!! He sang Days of the Week, which then transitioned into Months of the year. Woo-hoo!! Thank you, my sweet boy, you made this Mama so happy!! 

He also totally rocked the bow! I thought maybe he would get shy and clam up, but that little stinker did just fine! Way to go, Timothy! 

We are so dang proud of you, sweet boy! You've worked so hard this past year on your letters, numbers, colors, shapes, writing your name, and a million more things!  I can hear your little voice echoing in my mind saying "It's because I'm a genius!" hahaha. 

Timothy's last day of school was this morning, June 2nd. I almost can't believe it. How did it happen so quickly? How are the preschool years done already? Wasn't I just waking Anthony in to his first day? And now it's Timothy's last day! 

*sigh* I can't help but be so sentimental. That's me. 

Gosh, as excited as I was for this milestone, I had such a heavy heart walking out of the Preschool, knowing it was to be my last time walking out with a little hand holding mine. I don't do well with lasts. 

We are so thankful for Mrs. Williams and the other ladies of Learning Ladder Christian Preschool. For 6 years, off and on, we have trusted these ladies to love and care for each of our children. We are forever grateful for the kindness, love, and fun they have shown them. 


 Happy last day of Preschool, Hunny Bunny! Onwards and upwards! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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