Monday, June 12, 2017

June Garden Progress

Ah, the garden. My 4th child. Haha

The garden is doing amazing and I am so incredibly grateful! I love to sit out in the yard and just watch the garden. I never grow tired of it or get over the excitement of having one!

We planted our green beans on the 4th and they've already sprouted and taken off! That didn't take long at all! Anthony and Timothy helped plant. The bean plants are so cute! (Can a plant be cute?) We're excited to watch them grow and watch them twirl around and find the fence to climb on, that'll be amazing! 

Our neighbor, Tami, gave us some tomato plants, so we got those planted yesterday! We're not too fond of tomatoes, but we do like them diced up small in our eggs, and if we get a fair amount, we could make some pizza sauce or something! Grow, little guys, grow! Now I've got to make a tomato sign! 

We also finally planted our PUMPKINS yesterday! Woo-hoo! We made four raised mounds and planted five types of pumpkins; one kind being the super huge size, two small size, and two carve-able size. Exciting!!! We planted them with plenty of time to grow, as the average growing length is 90-110 days, and our pallet fence will keep the deer from eating them this year! 

Anthony's three cabbage plants are doing amazing! They're just beautiful. We were chatting with Tami and she suggested, after the main head is well formed, to take the outer leaves and use them in our smoothies. I think i'd like to try that! 

Mmmm, the raspberries are coming in! The bees have been going crazy with the raspberry plants. Every day I go out and water, I hear them buzzing all around, doing a wonderful job for us! The plants are full, fuller than last year, and I'm hoping here soon I'll start getting some ripe, juicy berries! We even have a rogue plant that snuck out of the planter box, haha. 

Look how big the onions are! I didn't know they got so tall! We've been watering like crazy, waiting for the tops of the onion bulb to show, then we'll know it's time to back off the watering and let them harden and firm up before harvesting. Learned that from Tami, haha. Thanks, neighbor! You're a wealth of garden information! 

Our carrots are a bit sporadic this go-around. We're not exactly sure why all of them didn't sprout, but no worries. We planted more in the bare spots that'll just come in later. In any case, they are making steady progress! We always love our garden carrots. Hopefully we'll have time in the growing season for a second planting and harvest! 

I'm most proud of the strawberries. I spent a great deal of time cleaning up the strawberry bed and Sam made it bigger for me. The strawberry plants are just LOADED this year (it's their second year). I'm talking triple the amount we had this time last year! They are ever-bearing, so will bare fruit all summer, but we do get one larger harvest the beginning of summer, and then just pick them as they come in sporadically over the summer. I'm thinking we might get our first ripe berry the end of this week or into the beginning of next! Eek! 

I've been watching for all the little runners to start on the one side, and as they do, I move them in the direction of the empty side of the box. I've got some making their way and ready to root down! We've got to dig through the rest of the box and cut the runners that have rooted and transplant them to the empty side of the box. Better get on that! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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