Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mother's Day Tea

This morning I had the pleasure of attending Timothy's Preschool Mother's Day Tea!! This is always a fun and special time! I'm so thankful his Preschool and wonderful teacher put on such thoughtful and special events. 

I wasn't able to go to Anthony's when he was in Preschool because Timothy was born the night before! I was incredibly sad to miss it, however, my Mom was here and went with him, so it was still special for Anth. He was so sweet, he brought me home a plate of yummy food so I wouldn't feel left out. I can still remember crying on the couch as he handed me the plate of food and I opened up my Mother's Day gifts from him! To read about Anthony's Mother's Day Tea, go HERE.

I was really excited when I was finally able to go when Molly was in Preschool!  To read about Molly's Mother's Day Tea, go HERE. 

I'm one to really crave tradition, so or course I was really looking forward to attending Mother's Day Tea with Timothy! Grandma Cathy came with us this year! So that was an extra special treat for Tim. 

In the past, like with Anthony and Molly, we always signed up to bring some fruit. This year however, Timothy and I signed up to provide the tea. And oh boy, did we deliver! Yum yum.

My favorite thing about Mother's Day Tea are the sweet gifts. I love that the Preschool has kept the tradition of making the same gifts, this way I have the same thing from each of the children! I love love love what Tim wrote on his "I love my Mama because...." And I love the button pin he made, I put it on right away! My absolute favorite is the clay hand print!! I was sooooo excited to receive it, I had been patiently awaiting this morning knowing I would be able to finish up keepsake collection on my bedroom wall with the addition of Timothy's hand print. Eekk! And my portrait from Tim? Adorable!! It's just perfect, haha! Thank you, sweet boy! 

 My collection of keepsakes is now complete!! 

In true Timothy fashion, he refused to sing, but that's alright. He looked adorable anyway and I enjoyed listening to the other kiddos sing. Maybe next year he'll open up a bit more and sing at a concert like he sings at home! 

Breakfast consisted of muffins, grapes, strawberries, cuties, coffee, and tea! Delicious! How fun for Tim to share a breakfast with Mama and Grandma! 

Love you, Timothy! What a wonderful morning we had! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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