Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Gearing up for Garden Season!

We planted our carrots yesterday! Woo hoo!! We'll be able to get two plantings in this year, just like last. Yay. This go-around we're planting "Little Fingers" and "Parisian Market," both of which are a smaller size carrot and ready for harvest in about 60 days. Super fun! At our second planting, we will do the ones we did last year - "Denver Half Long" and "Tendersweet"

The kids have proved themselves to be fantastic little helpers! Papa poked the holes in the dirt, and the kids dropped in the seeds, little fingers on one side of the raised bed, parisian market on the other!  Done!

We are super excited its time to get the garden up and going!

Our raspberries are showing life, and our strawberries are looking pretty dang awesome too. Sam built them a bigger box and I'm excited to watch them grow and overtake the bigger box, just like they have their existing one.  I spent a fair amount of time picking off the dead and cleaning the box up. I can't wait to start seeing flowers, and then berries!

Sam built a few other new boxes too. One we've place against the fencing so we can plant beans and have them climb up the fence!  We've still got three other boxes we've got to figure out what to plant in. We're thinking onions in one for sure. 

Last year we planted some pumpkin seeds out by our fruit trees and guest house, but we planted them late, and the deer wound up eating all the stems and leafs before an actual pumpkin could start anyway. Darn it! This year, we're ready! We tilled up a larger area, built a fence with pallet wood and a door with old fencing, and I've got our seeds all ready with a huge sticky note labeled JUNE. We'll be getting pumpkins this year!

Right now we can't plant anything more until we borrow our neighbor's tractor to get more dirt/manure from our pile over by the barn to fill up the remaining boxes. That's just too much work to do with a few shovels and a wheelbarrow! Hopefully soon that'll get done and then we can move on from there! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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