Monday, April 24, 2017

Eand of the Season Wrestling Banquet

Yesterday we had our Goldednale Grappler's wrestling banquet! We pigged out on pizza, chips, salad, fruit, and various other tasty goodies! 

We made sure to get photos of all the Grapplers! First we got all the kids that participated in the tournaments - 9 of them (1 was missing)! Then we got the whole team in the photo. We really have such an awesome group of kids!!

The whole team worked so hard and made great progress throughout the wrestling season! Each kid on the Grapplers team received a certificate and a medal. All those that participated in the tournaments received a trophy. While, in general, we're not huge on the idea of participation medals, I think in this case it was awesome and a nice gesture of hard work recognized. 

We are very proud of the children for all their work, and for Anthony's perseverance through the tournament season. We are hoping next year might hold a tournament medal for that hard working boy!  

Looking forward to next year, but ready for some down time!! 

Great job, Grapplers! 
With love,
Mama Hauck

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