Sunday, March 19, 2017

Yakima West Valley Tournament: 03-18-17

Tournament number three! West Valley!

Our team's banner with our sponsors (Sam's wind farm is missing from there as the banner was made before Sam's work donation came in) came in and it looks so awesome! We hung it up where we were sitting on the bleachers! We also got our team's gear in (except for the sweat pants) and the kids just look so awesome! We got Anthony and Molly a t-shirt, sweatshirt, and sweatpants. Sam and I also got a t-shirt, but we're thinking we need a sweatshirt too as they look awesome. We'll have to get a group photo of us all in our Goldendale Grappler gear.

Anthony's weight this time was 69 pounds! I joked with him that it was because he hadn't pooped yet that morning, hahaha. We're thankful he didn't weigh in at 70, as that would have bumped him up to the 70-75 pound weight division, wrestling with boys clearly larger than he is. We don't want that as we already have an issue with him being short compared to the other boys in his weight division, despite them weighing within 5 pounds of what he weighs. What can we say, we grow 'em short, but that can lead to a disadvantage within a match!

Before pairings and matches began, Coach took the kids out on the mats to stretch and warm up. I loved seeing them all out there in their new Grappler gear. They all looked great.  

Our team had to run one of the judging/timing tables at this match. Sam and Molly enjoyed helping out with this task. When Anthony was up to wrestle, someone always made sure to switch out with Sam so he could be present during his match. Having a "task" to do helped entertain Molly during the tournament, which was awesome.

Anthony's 1st match - a loss.

This match was a doozy. The boy had a few inches on Anthony and right from the start it was an advantage the boy worked with. Anthony just couldn't seem to catch him to perform a take down, as he had a long sprawl, and the boy was quick to swing around and get on top of Anthony. It was a tough match, but we are always so proud of Anthony for never giving up, when others easily would, and for always doing his best.

Anthony's 2nd match - a loss.

Anthony would have won this match and continued on to the consolation round had he not gotten pinned within the last few seconds of the match! He did well throughout this whole match up until that pin at the last second. It was a great pairing!  


Because Anthony lost both his matches, the day ended there for him, there was no continuing on. He was bummed, as anyone would be, but you know what, he's getting really great at accepting his losses and moving on. 

We really try hard to teach our children that not everyone can win, and you will not always come out as the winner. We want him to process his wins and losses in his own way and try not sway him in either direction with how he should react. When he wins, he feels proud of himself, and so are we! But he is a good sport about it, is humble, and does not boast past sharing his excitement and pride with others. When he looses, he feels defeated, but we try to let him work through that. He has gotten so much better with coming out the other end knowing he tried his best, and determined to listen to coach to see how he can improve next time. Such growth makes us proud. 

Great work this tournament, Anthony! Win or lose, we are proud of you!

Go Grapplers!

With love,
Mama Hauck

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