Friday, March 17, 2017

The Last Little Leprechaun

In 2012, Anthony walked in his Preschool Leprechaun Parade. In 2014, Molly did the same. Right after, I remember remarking, "One day Timothy will be walking in his own Leprechaun Parade." 

At the time he was just a wee one, and that day seemed sooooo far off, yet I blinked and it was here. 

Good heavens, why does time always insist on passing by so quickly?  

Today Timothy joined his preschool for their Leprechaun Parade and it was so incredibly bitter sweet. I choked back tears and put on a huge smile for him. He is so darling, I just love him to pieces!! 

Walking with him was just like walking with his older brother and sister; such a stroll down memory lane! I'm glad to have had the opportunity to do this with each of the children. What precious memories! 

Timothy didn't sing, but that's alright. Maybe one of these days he'll feel like singing at one of his events. All the children were just adorable. We got lucky with weather too, no wind and no rain made for some happy little leprechauns!

Its a hard pill to swallow, knowing Tim is almost done with preschool. I really can't bring myself to think about it. So I guess I won't for now. 

Great job, sweet boy! Cutest leprechaun I know! 

All my little Leprechauns.....

                     Anthony (2012)                     Molly  (2014) 

 Timothy (2017)

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With love,
Mama Hauck

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