Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Grandview Tournament: 03-25-17

This past Saturday was Anthony's 4th tournament held in Grandview, WA. Grandma from CA is currently here, so was able to attend with us, and that made him very happy and excited! 

He didn't get a placement this tournament, but he won his first of three matches, and really, any win he gets under his belt is fantastic! It was a great and exciting day for others on his team though! Two members that have never gotten a win finally won their first matches! One even went on winning and wound up placing 3rd in her weight division! So exciting to watch our team wrestle and take delight in their personal wins! 

Anthony's 1st match - a win. 

Anthony did very well in this match, taking control right away and never relinquishing it. He put into practice some moves he's been working on and executed them beautifully. It was great to watch!


Anthony's 2nd match - a loss. 

This was a tough one. We've noticed that if Anthony losses a match, it's because he got stuck in a cradle or a head lock and wasn't able to get out. So he's got a bit of work to do with learning how to get out of those and back up, or the steps to take to not get stuck in one to begin with. That's what happened with this match. 


Anthony's 3rd match - a loss. 

Again, a tough one. I only have a few photos because he was taken down right away and got stuck in a cradle and pinned during the first round, so not much time to take photos, lol. 

The one thing I can say about Anthony is that he never gives up. He gives it his all the whole way through. He continues to have high spirits and learn from his losses, instead of feeling defeated, giving up, and loosing his spirit. 

We are so, so proud of this boy! 

Next up, Granger! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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