Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Connell Tournament: 03-11-17

Eekkk! Anthony's singlet came in! Isn't he just adorable!? ....I mean, tough!? Isn't he just one tough boy!? 

Anthony's second wrestling tournament was in Connell, Wa this past Saturday. Just Sam attend this one with Anthony, due to the distance and me having birthday plans with a girlfriend. They took a "man trip" and went up Friday night and stayed in a hotel. Anthony was excited for it to just be the two of them.

Anthony did extremely well at this tournament! He took 4th place in his weight division! Whoop!!! Only 1st-3rd take a medal, and he was hoping 4th place received a medal as well, but he was seriously so proud of himself for taking 4th, medal or not! And we are too!! 

He was so sweet, texting me with Papa's phone off and on all day, keeping me informed on his wins and losses. It totally made my day, since I wasn't there to watch and support him in person.  

In his weight division (all those boys weighing 65-70 pounds), he won his first match, but lost his second. He went on to win his third match (the consolation match), which put him in the running for 3rd place, but then lost his fourth match, which sealed his spot in 4th place for his weight division. 

Anthony's 1st Match - a win. 

Anthony's 3rd match - a win

Because I wasn't there, you only get a few photos and videos of his winning matches from Sam's phone, haha! Sam was a good Papa and was too busy helping out to worry about satisfying my photo requirements. ;) 

Great job, Anthony! So proud of you! Keep at it! Go Grapplers! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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