Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Winter Projects

The family and I were given a very special gift this winter break! My very talented neighbor, Sandy, took the time to draw the kiddos, based off of photos I sent her, and the finished pieces are breathtaking! 

I love them more than words can say! What a special gift Sandy has given us!! I was able to find beautiful white frames to put them in. But where to hang them for everyone to enjoy? 

You know me. One simple thing spurs a snowball effect of changes. A set of new photos means I needed to redecorate the whole living room, haha! Come winter time we always get the itch to do some sort of inside project, so revamping the living room seemed the perfect project to do. 

We put leftover guest house blue pine wood up on the TV wall and kid's backpack wall, relocated signs, picture frames, and my huge photo collage wall, moved shoe racks and benches, and added more coat hooks. 

The living room redecorating job isn't done quite yet. We're looking to do one more wall in the blue pine wood, finish up some trim work, put up a few more hand-painted signs in empty spaces (better get working on those!), and create some new shelving. A new TV stand is also on the list. Sam would like to build it to match the rest of our custom made decor in the living room and I think that's the best idea ever. 

We love our projects. 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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