Sunday, January 15, 2017


Before partaking in some training for work held down in Florida, Sammy got to take some time to visit some friends of ours for a few days. He thought it would be nice to send me a selfie of himself enjoying his time on the beach..... 

.....while the kids and I are stuck here in this.....

In fact, the above photo was only one of a few "look at me having so much fun here" selfies he sent me. 


I replied back with some selfies of my own, you know, to show what I've been up to. 


Our experiences are not quite equal on the fun-o-meter. Oh well. At least one of us gets a break from the snow. 

With love,
Mama Huack 


  1. This is TOO funny!! I'm sure Sam is envious and longing to get away from all that sand and sun. :p

  2. So funny Becca. Enjoyed your humor, how r u managing the snow??


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