Friday, December 29, 2017

Christmas Fun

Our new tradition for Christmas Eve has us going to Grandma Cathy's house! Grandma always has lots of yummy snacks and appetizers out for us, we watch some Christmas movies, open presents, and play a really fun dice game! In the dice game, if you roll a double, you get to go pick a gift from the stack. Once all the gifts are gone, there is a 1 minute round where if you roll a double, you get to go steal someone else's gift.  At the very end, you open your gifts! Timothy and I sure did rack up the gifts! But then in the stealing round, I had 4 of mine stolen, haha.

Thanks for the presents, Grandma Cathy!

After saying goodbye to Grandma and making our way back home, Molly and Timothy dumped their reindeer food out in the yard. Each of the kiddos wrote Santa a short note, picked him out a cookie, and merrily headed off to bed. 

The cats totally dug Santa's milk! Haha! 

This year, Anthony learned there was no Santa. He wasn't too upset, as I'm sure he had a feeling for a while. He is 10, after all. He approached me the first week of December and we discussed how Christmas is really all about the birth of Jesus and spreading love and joy and being thankful for those in our lives, not about the number of presents under the tree. We talked about how, now that he knows, he can be a "Santa" just like Mama and Papa. It was a great chat and we are continuously proud of him and his maturity.  And, of course, he stills gets Santa gifts!  

Merry Christmas! I love our home at Christmas time! 

The kitties, I mean, Santa, sure did enjoy the milk and cookies! And he left fun gifts for the kiddos! Anthony received a dog blanket, p.j. pants, and some super cool titanic legos....he's really into the Titanic and it's history. Timothy received one of his new favorite games, Connect 4, as well as some p.j.'s and a fart sound machine, hahaha. That's been FUN! Molly received a calendar white board with white board markers, and some p.j.'s as well! Thanks, Santa!

Sam and I woke up bright and early, as we always do, so that we could get things moving before the kiddos stirred. Grandma Cathy also showed up early, before the kiddos woke up. It's always fun capturing their faces as they wake up and walk out into the living room! 

After doing Santa's gifts, we enjoyed our traditional breakfast of quiche, homemade blueberry muffins, and cheesy smokies! 

This year the kiddos decided to mix things up a bit and do their stockings first, then open presents. We did something else new this year too....a secret Santa! Back in October, we each drew names from a hat, then the kiddos had to do chores (above and beyond their usual ones), to earn money for a gift for their person. We had a $15 limit. Molly had Timothy, and got him an awesome wooden car from our local Christmas Bazaar. Timothy had Molly, and got her a very pretty bracelet, also from our local Christmas Bazaar. Anthony had me, and got me a canvas and some paint brushes. Sam had Anthony, and got him a Star Wars lego set. And finally, I had Sam, and got him a Santa pillow. Doing the Secret Santa was super fun and a great way for the kids to practice earning money, as well as the fun of purchasing a gift for someone else! Next year we'll have to add Grandma to the mix! 

We are very thankful to those that sent the kiddos gifts! We truly appreciate it! 

Anthony received his puppy - Daisy, p.j.'s, legos, puppy toys, blankets, treats, and training books, spending cash, and lots of fun books! Timothy received p.j.'s, legos, felt play food, the 2017 Hess Truck, arts and crafts goodies, lots of books, spending cash, and his long awaited DS with carrying case and a few DS games! Molly received p.j.'s, a few outfits, lots of books, safe nail polish, blush, and make up brushes, fun hair accessories,  a few pairs of boots, a DIY quilt, and a ukulele! 

The rest of the day we spent watching Christmas movies, playing with our new toys, eating snacks and goodies, and I of course did a bit of cleaning and got all the kids' new gifts put away! 

Usually we have home made clam chowder or chicken noodle on Christmas, but this year we decided on turkey, stuffing and cheddar mashed potatoes. Desert was chocolate pie! 

We had the most wonderful, relaxing Christmas! I can't believe it's already come and gone! The years just keep flying by faster and faster. I was talking with Sam and we both agreed that Christmas came too fast this year, and before we know it, it's going to be next Christmas! 

Why does time seem to speed up as you get older? Is it because we become so busy and our lives are so filled up? I think we need to get better at slowing down and de-cluttering our lives. As we approach the New Year, maybe that should be something we work on as a family. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

With love,
Mama Hauck