Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Back on April 2nd, our good friend and Sam's Godmother, Joanie, passed away. She was family. Ever since I had known her, shortly after meeting Sam back in 2005, she had unfortunately been ill or in pain with one thing or another, in varying degrees, due to her psoriatic arthritis and the many complications that came along with it, as well as the side effects that came along with treating it. 

While her passing is incredibly saddening, hard to cope with, and we miss her terribly.....we try to take comfort in the fact that she is no longer in pain. She deserved to not be in pain anymore.  

We are planning a trip out to see and spend time with her husband Mike, as well as visit Joanie's resting place, sometime soon. It'll be a hard trip, but a needed one. And it will be so good to see Mike. 

Anthony and Molly know and understand that Joanie has passed. Tim, not so much. He's just turned 5. He was there with the other two when we told them, but I think it all just flew right over his head. Anthony was quite upset, as I knew he would be, sweet boy. 

I knew I needed to talk to Timothy about it more before we go, but I didn't really know how to broach the topic with him. Death is hard. Gosh, what do I say? How do we talk about it without making it sound scary?

I casually brought it up today that we were going to Mike and Joanie's to spend time with Mike. I added that we were going to see where Joanie was buried (she's cremated and has a memorial spot, but easier for the sake of kid conversation to say buried), because, if he remembered us telling him, she had died and now she was in Heaven. 

I'm not going to try to recall and write down word for word how our close to 10 minute conversation went, but I will tell you all the questions that this sweet boy asked me during our conversation, and you'll be able to get the jist of how it went and his train of thought.    

How did she die? 
And she's in the ground? 
Why do your legs and arms and head and stuff go in the ground, but your heart and brain go to Heaven?
What is a soul?
So your heart and stuff?
Your legs and arms and stuff go in the ground and your soul goes to Heaven? 
So like you float? 
And in Heaven you can't die again? 
Where is Heaven? 
And God is there? 
Why is He in the sky? Like in the clouds? And He lives there?
Like in a city?
Just in the sky? Everywhere? Like all over?
Why do people think He is in the sky? 
Like everywhere?
Why can't I see Him? 
Believe in Him? 
He looks over all the dead people? 
And us too? On the whole World?
How can He do everything, all of that?
Any you believe in Him for Him to look over you?
You think of Him and He thinks of you? 
Why do some people not believe in Him?
What does God look like?
I think I don't know what he looks like, people know? 
And she is there? In the Heaven sky? All I see is blue and a cloud. 

It was probably the hardest conversation I've ever had to have. Not because of the subject, though I did have to try hard to compose myself so as to not startle him, but because how do you find the right words to help a 5 year old understand, even just a little? 

His questions just blew me away. Such innocent and honest questions out of a 5 year old's mind. I didn't know what to expect when we started our conversation, but I think I did ok, and I think for now it's enough. I'm emotionally exhausted, but I think talking to a 5 year old helped me

When Anthony and Molly got off the bus this afternoon, Anthony told me about how he learned today that the father of a classmate died of a heart attack. Right then Timothy chirped up, "Guys, did you know God is in the sky and when you die your soul goes up to Him in Heaven." Word for word, that is exactly what he said. 


We are loving and missing you, Joanie. We are thankful for the many happy memories and photos we have to look back on. We have lots of kiddo hugs heading Mike's way here soon! And we will continue our annual visits to your home because we can think of no better way to show our love to Mike and honor your life than to continue that tradition we had all come to look forward to, enjoy, and love. 

With love,
Mama Hauck

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Timothy's Birthday Shenanigans!

Rise and shine! Happy Birthday, Timothy!! 

Along with streamers on the birthday kiddo's door and balloons all about, we started a new tradition of a birthday stocking! The kids and I thought of the idea, and I just love it! my friend Mary made it for us and it's so awesome! We put it up on the birthday kiddo's door and then anyone is able to fill it with goodies. Timothy was so excited to be the first one to have the birthday stocking! 

Since we knew we had a full day ahead of us, we did presents right away. Timothy received some new paints, a book, cards, money, some candy, a new helmet, and a cool car set, as well as a building, sign, and tree set for his train track! 

Time to see how he measures up! On average, Anthony has been the tallest for his age out of the three, then Timothy in the middle, with Molly being the shortest. I really love tracking their height, it's a fun thing we do only once a year on their birthdays!  

We make a big deal about birthdays in our home, so Papa always plays hooky from work, and the kids always play hooky from school. Before heading out for Tim's super fun birthday outing, we had to take some birthday photos in the yard! I especially love the one of the three kids.

Just like last year, Timothy decided on birthday breakfast at our local bakery, Bake My Day! This worked out perfect since we had to stop in to pick up his birthday party cake they made us anyway! Grandma Cathy met us there, and Timothy was able to open up his birthday card from her. 

After breakfast we headed out of town to continue the birthday fun! There were a lot of things I thought we could do, but our options wound up being limited. No Timothy appropriate movies were showing, the bounce place is closed on Thursdays, and bowling didn't open until 2. Ugh! What to do, what to do. We wound up settling on Wonder Works in The Dalles, OR. It's great for Timothy's age and younger, and even Molly had a good time. It was a bit under Anthony, but he still played and made it fun. It's pretty much a glorified play room, haha, but Timothy thought it was cool and it made him happy, so that's all that counts! 

We went to Soltice in Hood River for lunch! Their pizza is delicious and Timothy was excited to get a cranberry juice in a big glass!

We thought the weather was going to be yucky, so we weren't counting on getting in a hike, but we got lucky! We decided to take the kids on the Pipeline Trail in Hood River. Sam and I did this back in April for our anniversary and we knew it was one that the kids would really dig. It was even more beautiful now than it was then! The grass was higher, the trees were more full and lush, the birds were chirping and the water was rushing. I really recommend this easy, beautiful trail to anyone. We even headed down to the water at two different points and let the kids play in the sand. Tim was our official line leader (except for at one point heading back, when Anthony took over, and that did not go over well, haha!) and we even got treated to spotting the train on our way back! Our hike was the best part of the day! Even Timothy kept stopping to tell me "best day ever!" We'll be going on this hike again this summer. I don't think we could ever get sick of it. 

Timing worked out perfectly, and we showed up to Molly's voice lessons just in time. Afterwards, Timothy decided on Canton Wok for dinner. Great choice, Tim! We love Canton Wok! 

After dinner, we did a bit of shopping. Timothy had some birthday cash burning a hole in his pocket, haha! The lucky boy got a few new pairs of shoes and a new booster seat for the car, because, you know, since he's 5 now, he's too big for a baby car seat! 

We didn't make it home until 8:45. After putting things away and doing jammies, it was 9:20 before we sat down for Timothy's birthday goodies he picked out and to sing him happy birthday! 

What a long and fun day for the birthday boy!

Sam took Friday the 12th off from work as well so he was able to go with me to bring Tim to Preschool. It was a special Preschool day as Timothy was line leader and snack boy! Plus it was pool party day and we had so much to do to get ready for it! Timothy did great putting fun birthday party reminders in everyone's cubbies at the start of the school day. After running errands, we were able to make it back in time to watch Timothy share his special snack with his class, blow out a birthday candle, and pick a present from the Preschool birthday box! He was so stoked! 

Timothy was really excited about his pool party that night. Earlier in the week we spent a lot of time picking out goodies to make goody bags for all the friends that would come to his party. He did all the work to put the bags put together. Great work, Timothy! 

Timothy's pool party was at 6:30 that night. We got there early to set up and then patiently waited for his friends to arrive. He had 7 classmates show up, which he was super excited about! We did cake and presents right away so that everyone could go swim afterwards and leave as they wished. Timothy received some fun gifts! A camping chair, remote control car, chalk, foam swords, candy, Paw Patrols toys, etc. He was shy while everyone sang happy birthday to him and while opening gifts, haha, but that's just our sweet Tim.  

Everyone really enjoyed the pool! It was awesome watching our friends have a good time, and I especially loved Timothy's huge smile. Pool party success! Thanks so much to all the friends that came! We greatly appreciate it! 

We hope you had a super fun birthday and pool party, our big, sweet 5 year old boy! Love you times infinity. 

With love,
Mama Hauck