Tuesday, November 29, 2016

2016-2017 School Photos

The kiddos' school photos are in and I just love them! 

Sweet Molly

Handsome Anthony

Adorable Timothy

Love, love, love!!! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

November's Carrot Harvest

3 weeks ago we decided our carrots were ready! We picked a few to taste-test and my gosh, they were sooo delicious! We should have harvested them that day.....but Anthony was at a friends house and he really wanted to help, so we held off. 

Unfortunately, being so busy recently, we kept putting it off, always bumping it down the to-do list. With freezing weather right around the corner though, we knew we had to get it done. Soooo time to harvest our second planting of carrots!! The kiddos and I got to work yesterday right after school! 

The ground was soft, which made it easy to pull the carrots out of the ground, but it was cold out and our fingers were freezing! We should have done it last week when we had 65* weather. ;)

We worked like a well oiled machine, despite frozen fingers. Pulling, de-topping, and cleaning up our mess and raking the garden beds in about 25 minutes! Great job, kiddos!

Time to give these filthy carrots a bath! We had enough to fill our bath tub! Timothy was our big helper for this job. After washing, I gave them all a once over, cleaned up any scraggly parts, then bagged them.

Our bounty!! Enough for us and to share with friends too! There are two quart size bags for Anth and Mols to take to school. Five half-full gallon size bags to give to friends. And three stuffed full gallon size bags for us that we will stick in the fridge for now and deal with once we get past Thanksgiving.

We got a lot of funny looking carrots this go around! The kids really got a kick out of finding them.   

 I call this one frog legs. 

 This one is called the inch worm.

 And this one, my friends, is Mr. Dick. For obvious reasons. This was Sam's favorite. HAHAHA

With love,
Mama Hauck

Ohh!! I almost forgot to share! Look what we were still getting....all the way until the end of October! Super awesome!


Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Timothy wrote his own name for the very first time yesterday! Eeekkk!

I could see that he was practicing his letters, so I sat next to him and helped him write his name; my hand over his on the marker. When we finished, he told me he didn't need my help, that he could write his name by himself. He then proceeded to do just that!

Anthony, Molly, and I hooped and hollered in excitement for him and the look on his face was just full of self pride and satisfaction! He was so excited to show Papa when he got home!

Wow.....super awesome job, sweet boy. We are so proud of you, Timothy! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hauck Family Photos

I'm usually on top of our fall family photos, but this year, with everyone being so busy and the weather not always cooperating, I'm late to get them done. That means, no pretty fall foliage and colors. Bummer. 

We stuck around home for photos this year, and with the exception of struggling with the family photos for some reason, (too light, too dark, not in focus, silly faces, hair blowing all over the place, etc...), I like the shots I got. It's not easy taking your own photos and working that tripod and timer, let me tell ya.

Another family photo shoot in the books. Until next year!






With love,
Mama Hauck