Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Back to School, 2nd and 4th Grade

The kiddos had their open house for school last night! They got to meet their teachers, find their desks and lockers, and drop off all their school items. We had a great time and are loving the teachers, as always. I think open house is such an important night for the kids. They are always so full of jitters and reservations about the upcoming year; open house gives them a chance to see that everything will be ok, and it morphs their jitters into excitement. 

They are both really excited about this upcoming year. It's going to be a great year. I feel it.


Before going to bed last night, we got out the lunch pails and set out our backpacks and clothes. A great morning starts out with a great night. We've learned things run smoother in the morning when we lay things out the night before.

Rise and shine! My feet are on the cold floor at 5am. Sammy and I got ourselves pulled together, then he made the kiddos breakfast while I packed their lunch. We were a well oiled machine. Once you've been doing it for a handful of years, it doesn't take long to get back in the swing of things. 

Back to school photos! A tradition in our home. We always make sure to leave enough time on the first day of school to get these most special photos. We'll do it all over again when Timothy starts Preschool on the 12th. Heaven help me then, I'll be a blubbery mess.

Sweet Molly. Lordy Lordy. You are gorgeous, inside and out, just like your shirt says. Just a ball of fire.

Sweet Anthony. Look at you. When did you get to be such a little man? We mustn't blink....you will be a grown man before we know it.

After getting our back to school photos, we headed on down to the bus stop! Who knows when the bus will show up on the first day, so we made sure to get there early. 

My heart is all aflutter. Back to school. They are so grown up. And still, they've got so much more growing ahead of them. I know it. Time just doesn't stop. My heart feels as though it might burst with sadness, love, and pride. I don't know how parents live through these bittersweet moments; I just know that somehow we do.

We hope you two both have a wonderful first day of school!. I will be thinking of you. 

A good year is ahead of us. 

With love,
Mama Hauck