Thursday, September 8, 2016

Timothy's Preschool Open House

Timothy had his Preschool open house last night and it went smashingly well! He was all smiles and full of excitement. He found his name on the wall in the hallway, his cubby, his birthday cupcake on the wall of birthdays, we played, ate lots of goodies, and talked to his teacher. He actually didn't want to leave when it was time to go! Awesome.

For months we've been talking about Preschool and getting him amped up for it. He has been really excited about going, and that's such a HUGE relief for me! I feel anxious and on the brink of tears whenever I think about it, ugh! So it's important to me that he's ready, excited, and wanting to go. I'm not so sure I could cope with him being teary when I'm teary.  

It's awesome that last night went so well. It confirms to me that my baby, I mean big boy, will be just fine. I'm so proud of him! So now I've only got to worry about myself....and that's why Sam will be joining me on bringing Timothy to his first day on Monday.....so he can talk me down and slap me silly if I start to have a public melt down. 

Why is it always so hard to let them go? 

Come on, Mama, it's just Preschool, get your shit together. 

Ah yes, Monday is the big day! You are so ready for this, Timothy! Lots of fun and adventures await you!

With love,
Mama Hauck