Tuesday, September 13, 2016

1st Soccer Games of the Season!

Molly had a wonderful first game this past Saturday! We are very proud of her for really getting into the game and staying on the ball. She gave her best and it was a joy watching her play. She did so wonderful! The whole team did a fantastic job listening to the coach and having a fun time playing.

Great job Blue Devils!

Great job keeping on the ball, Molly! 

Anthony also had a wonderful first game! He was his classic self; in the game 100%, giving his all, on the ball, and up and down that field! I think he surprised his coach with his speed and skill, haha. He made two goals during his game. Soccer is really Anthony's game, and it's incredibly fun and suspenseful watching him play. You can't help but scream and cheer from the sidelines! 

Go Firecrackers! 

Almost a goal! 

Anthony makes a goal in this one, but I was so tense from being excited, my finger slipped and pressed the off button on the camera video right as the ball went in the goal! Darn it! 

Soccer season is always a favorite of ours. We always look forward to being on the sidelines cheering for the kids. 

Great first game, kiddos! We are excited to watch you both have fun and grow in skill this season! 

With love,
Mama Hauck