Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sentimental To-Dos

I have a 3 page to-do list that I've been trying to accomplish while the kids have been gone with my Mom on The Island having some summer fun. I've chipped away at it daily, with the exception of when I was on the Coast, but I still feel like I haven't accomplished much, lol. And the kids will be home tomorrow or the next day! I'm running out of time to cross things off the list! 

At least I've managed to go through, sort, organize, and update their memory boxes. They each have two; one for school items I've kept, and one for every day items like cards, drawings, love notes, etc. Throughout the year all the stuff we decide to keep just gets thrown into a spot in my closet. Every August when the kids are away with my Mom, I put in the hours to get their boxes organized for them. I might be a memory hoarder, but at least I'm an organized memory hoarder! They'll thank me later. ;)

I've also managed to update all the kiddos' baby books. Again, this is something I do once a year and it takes fooooorever, lol. I love it though, taking the time to look back on old photos totally takes me down memory lane. I usually cry while working on them, hahaha, so it's a good thing I do it while everyone's away. It's a labor of love I know they will cherish in the years to come; they already look at their baby books all the time!

Look at these oldies but goodies, you'll see what I mean.....

*sigh* Darn these sentimental to-dos! I'm missing my babies....I think I'm ready to have them home; to-do list done or not!          

With love,
Mama Hauck

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