Monday, August 29, 2016

Hottie-Hot Tub

Finally, the day we've been waiting 8 years for; hot tub day! We've finally done all the needed work for our hot tub and taken our maiden dip as of this past weekend! 

It's been a journey for sure.....first we had to make the hot tub area and frame for the concrete pad. The concrete was poured and we couldn't resist putting our hand prints in the concrete for fun. I'll go back and paint them later. Ok, now we're ready to get our hot tub!

We traveled to our home on Whidbey Island, and with the help of my cousin, his girlfriend, and my Aunt, we got the hot tub loaded up in a U-haul, all ready to make its journey to Goldendale!

We got it placed on the concrete pad, cleaned up, then filled it up and ran it with a generator to check for leaks. We made minor repairs and got everything back in tip-top shape....including removing the yellow jacket nest that was inside one of the panels. Ick! 

Sam had to do all the work to run the electrical from the panel to the hot tub. This meant using our neighbors tractor to dig, place, and then bury the tubes with the electrical lines in them. The kids had a great time helping with this task. Each of them helped to dig, get the wiring in the tubing, seal the tubes together, and then bury everything back in the trench. 

With the grunt work done and our new hot tub lid having just arrived in the mail, we wasted no time putting it on! At this point we were ready to drain the hot tub of it's water filled with cleaners and refill it with fresh water. We took a water sample to the hot tub place and purchased all the needed hot tub chemicals so it could cycle for a while. Almost ready!

After letting the hot tub cycle and settle for a bit......ahhhh, our maiden dip! I could hardly contain my excitement! The kids were disappointed we told them they couldn't join us; but I thought it fair that Papa and I got the first dip by ourselves last Saturday. We sat in the hot tub staring up at the stars while listening to the crickets chirp. It was everything I had hoped it would be. It was Heaven! I feel spoiled.

Sunday morning we told the kids everyone could get it! They were so excited! With swimsuits on and wrapped in towels, they marched down to the hot tub all giddy. Anthony kept talking about how he's the only kid who's been in the hot tub before....even though he doesn't remember because he was only a few months old when we lived there, haha!

It was really nice to have all our babies in the hot tub with us. I think back to 9 years ago when it was just Sam and I relaxing together on a quiet Oak Harbor night; who would have thought that one day we'd have this very same hot tub with 3 beautiful children in it with us. 

I am one happy Mama! I'm really looking forward to relaxing in the hot tub on a cold winter night.

So who's coming over for a hottie-hot tub party!? 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. Looks like fun was had by all...oh the joy in smelling those chemicals.


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