Friday, July 22, 2016

M&J Getaway

I wish we were able to get to Mike and Joanie's more frequently - like we use to - but gosh darn it, life just keeps getting busier and busier. We're lucky if we get out to them once a year now. We're very thankful we were able to get out there this summer when the weather was nice so we all could enjoy the pool. We enjoy our time there no matter what time of year we go, but the kids really dig the pool time....and so does Mama and Papa! 

The weather was so perfect, we ate all our dinners outside. Miss Molly did a fine job setting the table for us each night. She even insisted on having candles, which added a nice touch. :)

We went shopping and checked out an antique shop as well as hit up our favorite meat still place. We went on a few walks and watched the fish in the nearby creek. Timothy and Papa even went exploring in the creek! We did a lot of sitting around and relaxing, which is always a good, good thing.

We went blueberry picking at a local blueberry farm this year! That was super awesome! I really didn't realize just how big and loaded with berries blueberry bushes could get! We picked clean 4 bushes and got 20 pounds of blueberries! Timothy must have eaten a pound of blueberries himself.....and we all know what happens after eating too many blueberries....


We really enjoyed our 3 night stay.....it was very hard to drag the kids out of the pool that morning to hit the road back home! No one wanted to leave, and that's a good sign of a good time. 

Thanks again for your hospitality, Mike and Joanie! We love you guys.

With love,
Mama Hauck

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