Saturday, June 18, 2016

June Garden Progress

The garden is progressing nicely and I'm just so pleased! It's so fun to head on down to the garden for the daily watering and watch it's progress. I didn't realize how deeply satisfying and enjoyable it would be. 

The raspberries have grown ridiculously well and I just picked the first ripened berries a few days ago. Sweet! I need more raspberry plants. Although, I could have a hundred raspberry plants and still think I needed more.

Anthony's cabbage he got from his teacher two months back is doing amazing! He is super stoked and proud.

The carrots are coming along great. The kiddos can't wait to harvest them; they ask me everyday! I tell them, soon...soon. And then we'll plant more!

The strawberries are so-so. I got a few berries off of them last month, but nothing since. There's a bit of new growth coming up in the middle of each plant, which is great, but I can't help but think we should be seeing more action with them? I don't really know. I need to do more research on them and figure it out. I'm new to this gardening stuff.

The potatoes are slowly doing their thing. Though again, I'm wondering if we should be seeing more action with them or if they're fine and I'm just impatient.

Molly's grapes are looking great! We've got to get it planted though. We got it last year and it's still in it's bucket.

The bell peppers sure didn't like the cold we had a few weeks back....and the milder, windy weather this past week....but they're hanging in there. I've remembered to cover them with buckets to help keep them protect on most nights. The 3-4 days we had of 95* 2 weeks ago, they grew a lot! I'm looking forward to seeing that first pepper!

Our garden is on it's way!

With love,
Mama Hauck

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