Sunday, May 15, 2016

Timothy's Birthday Fun

We had tons of fun on Timothy's birthday last Wednesday! I can't believe he's 4 now. He keeps reminding me too, randomly telling me, "Mama, I'm 4!" and letting me know he's growing. Like I need the reminder....lol.  

Birthday morning started out with Tim waking up to balloons and presents in the living room. Yay! After a mini balloon fight with him, I read him his birthday blog post and showed him all his birthday photos, then he jammed to his favorite songs with Papa!

After getting ready for the day, Timothy got to open up a few gifts and all his cards. I knew a few of the cards would have some birthday money Tim would want to spend that day.  

Before leaving the house, we of course had to take some nice photos with the birthday boy!

For breakfast, we headed to Tim's favorite place, Bake My Day! We each got a treat and then a breakfast sandwich. Before we left, the owners were so kind to surprise Timothy with a special birthday cupcake! That totally made his morning! 

Birthday phone calls and birthday naps were all part of the drive to Yakima, haha.  

Timothy chose going to the trampoline park for his birthday and we had a BLAST! It wasn't very busy on a Wednesday afternoon, so that was nice. We payed for an hour, but definitely jumped longer than that - I'd say an hour and 15 minutes, and even wound up leaving on our own accord without having been called to leave by the workers. I can only assume the birthday boy was so cute, the workers couldn't bare to kick us out after our hour was up! 

After our fun at the trampoline park, we headed to lunch at Bob's Burger and Brew where Tim received another special birthday treat- an ice cream sundae! What a lucky, lucky boy! 

We had some birthday money to spend, so after eating we headed to Hobby Lobby and Target where Tim got to pick out a few gifts. 

Back at home, Timothy opened the rest of his presents.....

....got measured on the height board......

......and ate cake! Let me just say that this chocolate cake from Costco was the best chocolate cake I have ever eaten in my entire life. Holy smokes was it rich and delicious. Definitely a crowd pleaser and worth the price. Thanks, Costco! Timothy's face when we lit the candles and sang to him was priceless. 


I hope you had a super awesome 4th birthday, Sweet Pea! We love you. 

With love,
Mama Hauck   

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