Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mama's Day!

Mama's Day; the day everyone takes a pause to let Mama know just how kick-ass and loved she is! 

If your household is anything like mine, you'll get a few special hand made gifts that will make you choke on tears. Your coffee will be delicious because you actually get to drink it hot while watching Sunday Morning in your p.j.'s on the couch. Extra hugs and kisses will be sprinkled on you throughout the day. "Happy Mother's Day!" will randomly be said multiple times an hour. And you might even go out and do something fun or get in some gardening! 

However, you might still catch an eye roll, feet stomping away, or a slammed door. You will probably pick up dirty dishes and put laundry away too. The words "Because I said so!" "Stop arguing!" and "Really? Was that a good idea, or a bad idea?" will still cross your lips because, hey, a Mama's work is never done.  


On this Mama's Day, so far we've gone to an estate sale and found some treasures, worked in the yard, and got our hands dirty in the garden. Sammy also took some Mama's Day photos for me! He scored me an awesome old chair at the estate sale and it became the perfect prop for photos. After photos with my babies, he took the time to take some solo photos of me. I rarely have photos of just myself done, and he did a great job of making me feel beautiful. 

Thanks, Lover.  I love them.

I hope all my wonderful Mama family and friends are feeling the extra love today. Just remember, no matter what your Mama's Day looks like, know that you are the glue that holds everyone together and you are very, very loved.

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. you are such an awesome mama.


  2. Still playing catch up reading your blogs, I am so proud to be your Mama and reading all that you and your beautiful family do. I miss you all and love you so much.


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