Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday, Timothy!

Happy Birthday, Timothy! Wow, 4 years old! My gosh, you are becoming such a big boy, so unique in your own way. You have such a fun, spunky, and spirited soul!

Here are some of your current favorites:

All things Paw Patrol
Guess what? - Chicken butt! Guess why? - Chicken thigh! Guess who? - Chicken poo! 
Cowboy hats and boots
Playing with the hose, sprinkler, and water squirters
Helping with chores like putting dishes away and separating laundry
Wagon Wheel:

Jumping on the trampoline
Grocery shopping with Mama
Lunch and treats at Bake My Day 
Mario Cart Wii
Bubble baths in the middle of the day
Chocolate chip pancakes
Apples that are cut, but not into tiny pieces, only large chunks
We Are The Champions:

Sneaking into our bed in the middle of the night
Nerf shooters
Noodles and ice cream at The Glass Onion  
Helping Papa in the shop 
Riding your bike
Sitting on the counter while we cook

Painting with Mama
Lollipops from the bank
Double Berry
Helping to check the mail
Playing in the truck
Putting stickers on your bed and the walls
Feeding your fish 
We Will Rock You:

Singing with Papa
Playing and wrestling around with you brother and sister
Watering the garden
Playing with your friend Landon
Chewing gum

Timothy, when I set out to do your birthday photos, I found it hard to settle on one theme for you. You are such a sweet, well rounded little boy with so many different interests and personalities. 

You are our little cow boy; our country bumpkin. You just can't do without your boots and you love your hat.

You LOVE Paw Patrol. That silly cartoon with all it's little pups is your absolute favorite. You get so excited when you find a new Paw Patrol toy, clothing item, or book. 

The ladies adore you and try to spoil you, hahaha, my little ladies man! Yet you are so shy and bashful! You are one cool dude that everyone loves to be around.

You are such a free-spirited, nature loving, wild child. You love being outside, no matter the weather. Whether playing on the porch on a windy, rainy day, or running through the yard chasing butterflies; you've got to be outside, just doing your thing!

Timothy, you are such a special boy. I thank God everyday for giving you to me; for giving you to us. Ohhhh gosh, here comes the crocodile tears!! My baby is 4!

Happy Birthday, our sweet boy! You are so very loved by your family and friends! Loved beyond measure!

Click HERE to read Timothy's home birth story!

With love,
Mama Hauck

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