Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tim's Win

A bit before Easter, Timothy and I went out to lunch at Cousin's Restaurant in The Dalles. I remember that visit very well because Timothy accidentally spilled his water all over the table and before I could mop it up with napkins, it spilled off the table and into my lap....making it look like I peed my pants, haha. That was fun. 

Anyway, Cousin's was holding a coloring contest, and Timothy definitely wanted to get in on that. He got a free meal coupon just for participating, which was super cool for me; but the grand prize for his age group was a tricycle. 

A month goes by and I had all but forgotten about the coloring contest....until I received an e-mail stating that Timothy won for his age group! He was beyond excited when I told him! I was actually surprised he even remembered the coloring contest. A few days after that, we went and picked up his prize. 

The staff were all in love with Timothy and his cuteness and they made sure to let him know how happy they were for him, haha. It was sweet. Of course Timothy played it cool while there, not getting overly excited in front of the ladies. However, the whole way home he gabbed on and on about his tricycle and how excited he was to ride it.

Yay! We're super excited for you, Timothy! You worked hard on that coloring and totally deserve that prize!  How awesome of Cousin's to have a fun contest like that. Maybe next time I'll win! ;) 

With love,
Mama Hauck