Monday, April 11, 2016

Sunriver, OR Anniversary Getaway!

Sammy and I rented an A-frame cabin for 3 nights in Sunriver, OR for our anniversary. This was the first time we've gone away for an anniversary in.....well, ever. Needless to say, going away was long overdue! 

The Sunriver A-Frame was just perfect for us. Quaint, but with plenty of space, and it had that rustic feel we love. It was clean and had everything we needed. Fireplace, grill, hot tub....it really was everything we were looking for with a price that didn't break the bank. We loved it and felt right at home the second we arrived!

No big plans that first night, Sunday. We arrived shortly after 4 and had a nice, relaxing evening. Sammy grilled up some chicken and I prepared shrimp. We ate dinner, spent some time checking out the shops in Sunriver Village, took a dip in the hot tub, watched a movie, then called it a night.

On Monday, the plan was to go to the Lava River Caves for some super awesome cave exploring, but we didn't realize they would be closed until May 1st due to hibernating bats. Ok, plan-b: The Lava Cast Forest! We started on our way, but quickly realized the road there was less than stellar. It was snowy in some spots with fallen trees here and there. We got to mile marker 7 of 9; driving through the snow and over smaller tree limbs, moving the bigger tree limbs that we couldn't drive over, before we decided we had to turn back. We couldn't go any farther. Bummer. Well, it is only early April. Ok, plan-c: The High Desert Museum.  

It was awesome! And I must admit, I liked visiting a museum without the kiddos. You never have enough time to stop and read everything at your leisure when you take children to a museum! Of course I had to goof around a little bit, you know, to fill the space of the kids. We had a great time at The High Desert Museum and I recommend it to any passer by to stop on in.

After the museum, the plan was to head to the Tumalo Creek Trail Head and check out that hike, but once again, plans changed. The weather out that way turned cold and it was even snowing lightly! We were not dressed appropriately, and you know a Cub Scout should always be prepared ;), so we decided on a different hike. The weather on the Deschutes River Trail was much nicer and we had a wonderful hike! I even managed to put my camera on a tall rock to take a photo of the two of us!

After our hike, once back to the A-frame, we decided on a bike ride down to Sunriver Village. We ate dinner out at Sunriver Brewing and then made a stop into Goody's to pick up some chocolates and ice cream for dessert. Back at the A-frame, we jumped in the hot tub and then Sammy made a cozy fire for us to enjoy while we watched a movie and ate our tasty dessert!

Happy 10th Anniversary, Lover! Tuesday the weather was spectacular, so we headed back to the Tumalo Creek Trail Head to hike to Tumalo Falls! Wow, was that the most amazing hike! There was still hard pack snow on the ground for about 90% of the hike, so it was pretty challenging! I wasn't expecting that. We definitely worked our butts off, it was so awesome. We had a blast!

We made it!! Tumalo Falls was beautiful and definitely worth the hike! My pictures don't do it justice. After stopping for a bite to eat at the falls viewpoint, we decided to keep on going to the top of the falls to check out the view from there. 

It was beautiful at the top and I really enjoyed the sunshine and spectacular views. For some reason though, Sam wasn't looking around at the views, he was on one knee, holding something in his palm, looking at me, and I felt like a deer in the headlights trying to figure out what the heck was happening.

It's a funny story....you see, when Sam proposed to me all those years ago, it wasn't such a stellar proposal. I actually thought he was breaking up with me! After a couple of beers one night, he said, "I don't want to be your boyfriend anymore." Then there was, what I thought to be, a long pause. Yikes. Luckily he continued....."I want to be your husband!"  I honestly can't remember much after that. I think it's because I was so relieved he wasn't dumping me, hahaha. Sam tells me I giggled and said yes. I don't remember, but clearly I must have because only a few months later we were married. 

In the years that followed, we liked to talk and joke back and forth about how I thought he was dumping me and how he wishes he had done it "right." I didn't get my dream proposal, but that was never a big deal to me. Besides, there was always the future with anniversaries and second chances. 

Little did I know Sam took that "second chances" bit to heart, and for a while he had been planning the proposal he wished he had done the first time around. He got down on one knee (yes....I thought he was tying his shoe!) and said, "Rebecca, the first time was not the best, and as you stated to me once, "there are always second chances." So I am taking this second chance and I'm asking again, Rebecca Lynn, will you marry me?"

I said yes. :) 

A little ways down the trail, two gals who had done the same hike were sitting and eating lunch. They walked over to us, offered their congrats, and took a photo for us. They were pretty smitten with Sammy and all his wonderfulness....so it's a good thing he was off the market....again. Haha!

After such a lovely experience at the top of Tumalo Falls, what better way to celebrate than to head back down and hike right up next to the falls! That was the best!

The hike back out was shorter than the hike in. We opted for taking the 2 mile gravel road out instead of the 3 1/2 mile snow packed trail we took coming in because my feet were hurting and I was ready to get back to the A-frame for a dip in the hot tub!

After a nice hot tub soak and getting cleaned up, we took another bike ride around Sunriver Village. Sammy chose to ride one of the A-frame's bikes and he cruised in style! Later, we enjoyed a delicious dinner and dessert out, a drink on the front porch, a fire, and a movie. What a lovely, fun, and special anniversary it turned out to be! The day couldn't have been any better.


Wednesday morning, rise and shine! After an early morning bike ride, cinnamon roll and coffee, we cleaned up the A-frame and said goodbye to Sunriver. 

We definitely want to come back to Sunriver with the kiddos. They will enjoy the area and love staying in the A-frame. We can't wait to come back! 

What an amazing and special getaway for our 10th anniversary! Thanks, Sammy, for all of the fun and laughs!

With love,
Mama Hauck

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