Monday, January 11, 2016

My Little Big Helper

I think it is so important for children to help out with household chores. All of the children make their beds, fold their blankets to the best of their ability, and keep their room tidy. Other chores include clearing the table after a meal, helping to fill or empty the dishwasher, helping to sort laundry, taking the trash out, feeding the dogs, cats, and horse when asked, and other general tidying of the home and yard.

While all the kiddos started out helping around the house at a young age, and are good helpers and do so without complaining (most of the time!), Timothy just takes the cake. I love the fact that he truly enjoys helping me and gets excited when I ask him for some help! 

So here is my special "Thank You!" post to Timothy, so he will always remember how thankful I am for his help.....  

Timothy, you are the best little big helper in the World! I am so thankful you go out of your way to help your Mama get the housework done. Daily housework is a bit of a drag, but with you helping me out, it isn't all that bad!

You are great at making your bed. No stuffed animal out of place! You also do wonderful work with folding your blankets. I especially like how you sometimes fold them up like a super long burrito, haha.

And separating laundry? Pro status! I dump it all on the living room carpet and then you get to work. Just look at those nice piles separated into Mama and Papa's clothes, Molly's clothes, Anthony's clothes, and your clothes. You even take the time to fold the washcloths and towels! What a sweet boy you are. 

You love to vacuum....you don't quite understand that the vacuum has to be level on the ground to really work, but you know you're suppose to push it back and forth on the carpet, and you do a fine job at that for sure! You're always wondering why I go and vacuum right after you just did it, lol. 

Watching you sweep makes me laugh. Why do you always insist on lifting up and rolling back the corner of the carpet and sweeping under it? Haha! Whatever floats your boat I guess! 

Unloading the dishwasher is a good one for you, you especially enjoy doing the silverware. Throwing them in the silverware drawer every which way is your signature style. I love it and will deeply miss it when you decide to put each kind of silverware in it's rightful place. 

I love you, Sweet Pea! Thank you for always being excited to help your Mama out. You make my heart smile!! What am I going to do when you start Preschool in the fall? I guess just wait till you get home to do the cleaning, hehe. 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. Grandma can tell you why your sweet pea sweeps under the corner of the rug...because he is a very observant "little-big helper" he has seen grandma lift up the corner of her bedroom rug and sweep under it to get all the dust and animal hair!! He is such a wonderful help in this house too. All the kids are as they know Grandma would never make it out of the house and to the park if they weren't/1 Love you all.


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