Saturday, January 23, 2016

Daddy-Daughter Dance

My sweet little gal attended her very first daddy-daughter dance tonight held at her school and put on by our wonderful PTO! She was so very excited! She wore a special dress I bought for her when we were in CA for Thanksgiving. It was a splurge for sure....part of her Christmas gift. Isn't it just gorgeous!? It'll fit her for a few years. 

I am so blown away by her beauty!

And my husband is looking pretty hot too. ;) 

Sammy didn't have his phone on him, so I am very thankful our friend took these photos for me! Sam said Molly was being bashful and it took her a while to warm up and get out there, but I'm glad she finally worked up the courage. She said she had a good time with her Papa and was happy to see all her friends. 

You're beautiful, Molly Lynn, inside and out! I'm so happy you enjoyed your dance date with Papa! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. How beautiful, such a sweet gift that they gave each other. One that will be remembered always. She is beautiful inside and out, yes, and that comes from having such awesome parents. By the way, Grandma loves her sweet smile. Two big girl teeth!


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