Friday, July 31, 2015

Oregon Coast Beach House Trip 2015

Another wonderful trip to the Oregon Coast! Thanks to the continued love and hospitality of our friends, we are able to make the trip every July for Garibaldi Days and the Evans' Crab Boil at their beautiful beach home.

Like last year, my Mama met us there. She spent the night and we all enjoyed a fun day at the beach. The kids really had a great time playing in the sand. Even Timothy, who in the past has been a bit weary of the sand and water, really enjoyed himself this year. Watching them dig their toes in the sand, run along the beach, venture out into the water, and hearing all their giggles filled my heart with joy!! After the beach, we walked along the vendor booths for Garibaldi Days, ate some lunch, then Grandma loaded our kiddos up and headed on out. Every summer all three kids get to spend some time at Grandma and Grandpa's house in California and Mama and Papa get to spend some time alone catching up on our 12 page to-do list.....and maybe get to relax. ;) 

Sam and I love being able to spend time with the kids at the coast and then get a few days to ourselves there as well. We had a fun time hanging out with our friend Tim and his family. They are just good people. We sat around the fire chatting and relaxing, went antiquing and to other fun shops, down to Garibaldi Days to walk along the vendor booths, to the bar, to the beach (a few times!), and blackberry picking. Don't forget the annual crab boil.....this year the crab tasted exceptionally delicious. And oh my gosh was there soooo much crab! I definitely pigged out. We even got to take some home, which is super awesome.




Thank you, Evans Family, for another wonderful year! We love and appreciate you all. 

With love,
Mama Hauck