Friday, May 29, 2015

How Lucky Am I

My children, they amaze me. Every day, all the time. They make my head spin and my heart thump. How lucky am I...how lucky am I!

From Timothy's endless curiosity. Always asking "Why, Mama? Why?" Like when he discovered a snake in his sandbox eating a frog; he just could not pull himself away until that snake was out of sight, all the while asking what it was doing and why. Why, why, why, Mama, why?.......

To his fierce independence and fearlessness which, once again, shined brightly when I told all the kiddos I'd give $5 to whomever was brave enough to touch the big and weird moth on our shop doorway. Guess who touched it? You got this, Tim. If anyone can do it, it'd be you. No help needed.

From Anthony's rich imagination that seeps from his mind, overflowing with enthusiasm and into all of our lives. This has never been more true than with his love and fascination, and subsequently our family's love and fascination with all things Bigfoot. I'm a believer!....

To his never ending love of the outdoors and seeing the beauty in all things, every little detail. Always building, always creating, always getting dirty. From the day you were born, Anthony....always getting dirty. Nice fire pit, love the flower detail. You said you did it for me to make it pretty. That didn't surprise me at all, you thoughtful boy. Thank you.

From Molly's sunny disposition towards learning and reading; that girl has always got flashcards, a pen and paper, or a book in her hand. Always asking us to count with her, read with her, write with her. "Mama, you write the uppercase, and I'll copy you." "O-N-E....that spells one, one, one. T-W-O...that spells two, two, two." Sweet girl, the World is your oyster.....

To her love of voice....yelling, singing, making her presence be known. So completely unlike me when I was a child. Loud, outgoing.....confident. Yes, confident. Sometimes I wonder how she is my child, so different from I. I nurture her confidence. Lift her up. Feed her soul. Be who you are, Molly. Be you, and nobody else.  

Yes....how lucky am I.

With love,
Mama Hauck

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Breathe, Mama

You are my smile on a gloomy day
My giggle when I could cry
My deep breath when I want to scream
My beacon when I loose my way 
My umbrella when the rain pours down
My reminder when I've forgotten

Breathe, Mama, breathe
Look at your babies and know all will be well
Breathe, Mama, breathe
You were never promised a life without trials
Breathe, Mama, breathe 
The sun will rise tomorrow
Breath, Mama, breathe

With love,
Mama Hauck

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Another Milestone For the Books

Timothy got a bike from his Grandma for his 3rd birthday. It's always such an exciting time when little ones first learn to ride a bike! The look on their face and excitement in their voice is just the best! I remember when Anthony and Molly first learned to ride their bike. You could see their self pride beaming from their huge smiles!

Timothy was no exception, his grin stretched from ear to ear and his giggle totally made my day. I couldn't help but giggle right along with him in his excitement!

It didn't take long for him to become a pro at riding his bike. He can actually go so fast on the porch, I can't seem to get a decent, non-blurry photo of him!

Good job, Timothy. Another milestone for the books. What a big boy you are. We are so proud of you!

With love,
Mama Hauck

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pack #551

The Goldendale Cub Scouts have arrived in Goldendale! 

It all started about a month ago. Sam attended a meeting with Anthony about joining the Cub Scouts. After that first meeting where nothing really came to light, a second one was scheduled. I went with to that one. Had I known what I was getting myself into that night, maybe I would have chosen to stay home, haha! 

The things you do for your children....

Sam is now the Scout Committee Chairman for our Goldendale Pack #551 and I am the Cub Scout Bear Den leader. Among other things....like Sam's little secretary helper, lol. 

These past two weeks....holy smokes. If we're not writing e-mails, calling, texting, or generally bugging people about Cub Scout information and meetings, then we're reading up and doing research about various aspects of the Cub Scouts to write in said e-mails, calls, or texts to inform parents. Or we're writing up parent hand-outs and contact lists. Or we're completing some type of online training or Leader reading at home. Or we're holding meetings here in town. Or we're attending meetings in The Dalles. Or we're brainstorming, planning and making to-do lists.  Or we're gathering materials for projects. Or we're hyperventilating. Lets not forget Sam's daily go-to-work thing he's got going on or that there is a house to upkeep, 3 children to care for, and our Goldendale Country Bumpkin and Farmers Market shin-dig. Oh, and photo shoots. 

Yikes. The last time I have ever been this tired and worn out was when Timothy was a newborn and I was seriously lacking sleep. 

Thankfully Sam and I make good partners. Together we've got this covered. Well, we're trying our best anyway. I feel anxious and scared I won't be able to uphold my part of the bargain. Or that I've bitten off more than I can chew. Or that I won't receive the help from fellow parents that we so desperately need for this to be a smashing success for our sons. But I am very excited, optimistic, and looking forward to this new adventure we have been thrust into. 

Long story short, if you see me about town and I've got huge bags under my eyes.....or you want me to stop, chat, and hangout, but I'm in a rush with no time to play, just know it's been a looooooooong few weeks and there's still much more work to do before I can take a breather. Be patient with me and please forgive my scattered brain. I'm doing the best I can.

Totally stoked for this new adventure, but definitely in need of a nap! 

Anthony, I hope our love for you will shine through in all our hard work and time to get the Goldendale Cub Scouts off the ground. We do this for you and every other boy like you. We have always, and will continue to always want the best for you and to provide you with every opportunity in the World for you to grow and foster your self confidence, self pride, and love of adventure. 

I hope we can live up to everyone's expectations...as well as the expectations we put on ourselves. 

Onward with our new adventure!!

With love,
Mama Hauck

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Timothy's Get Air Birthday Fun

We sure did have a blast on Timothy's birthday this past Monday! 

Timothy had a sleepover in Mama and Papa's room the night before. So while he and Papa slept in, Anthony, Molly, and I got up and they helped make chocolate chip birthday pancakes! 

When I heard Tim start to stir, I grabbed the camera and took a few photos of him coming out of the bedroom. He loved the streamers, but was being a shy boy. :) 

He was excited about his birthday goodies though! A Paw Patrol chair, wheelbarrow with garden tools and garden gloves, and a new bike! It was hard to peel all the kids away from the presents for breakfast. 

After eating, it was time to mark Timothy's height on our height board. This item is very special to me. It use to be in my Grandma and Grandpa's house, and I remember whenever I would fly to WA to visit, my siblings and I would have our height marked on the board....right alongside all my other relatives. This is one of the few items I got after my Grandpa's passing that I really cherish. I feel honored to have it and be adding my children to it. 

While we waited for it to be time to leave, we had to get in a little play time and practice on the new bike! 

Time to hit the road! We all loaded up in the car and made our way to Get Air Trampoline Park in Yakima, WA. Ohhhh my goodness did we have SO MUCH FUN! I'm so glad all of our friends allowed their kiddo's to play hooky from school and join us for Tim's jumping fun! We had a full hour to jump and play, and being that it was noon time on a Monday, we were the only ones there! It was sooooo awesome having the place all to ourselves! I honestly can't say who had more fun; the children or the adults! Haha

After we tired ourselves out jumping, we had lunch at Red Robin. Timothy opened a few gifts and even got a free special birthday sundae. He didn't enjoy the loud singing that came along with it, but he loved blowing out the candle that my friend coincidentally had in her car to put on his sundae, haha!

Thank you, friends, for joining in on the fun and helping us celebrate Timothy's third birthday. It meant the world to me. 

I hope you had a super fun filled day, Tim. You are so loved! 

With love,
Mama Hauck