Monday, December 14, 2015

The Countdown Continues

Can you believe we're just 10 days away from Christmas Eve? Crazy. December is steadily chugging along and we are making sure we take the time to have fun with our Christmas countdown! 

Day 1. Decorate the Christmas Tree.

 Day 2. Write a nice letter or make a Christmas card for your teacher. 

Day 3. Make a wishlist. 

Day 4. Read a Christmas book together. 
Day 5. Visit a Christmas Bazaar and give each kiddo $5 from their piggy banks to spend. 
Day 6. Take an ugly Christmas sweater family photo. 

Day 7. Drink hot cocoa with dinner.
Day 8. Make a Christmas card for a friend or neighbor.
Day 9. Read a Christmas book together. 
Day 10. Help wrap Christmas gifts.

Day 11. Eat pizza and watch a Christmas movie. 
Day 12. Sleep out in the living room with the Christmas lights on. 

Day 13. Listen to Christmas music all day. 
Day 14, Today. Write a nice note to your brother/ sister telling them 3 things you like about them. 

We've been super busy recently, but really, what else is new! I'm really looking forward to Christmas break for the kiddos. This Mama needs to sleep in a bit and unwind.  One more week of school, filled with Christmas programs and school Christmas parties. One more week of wrapping up tons of Christmas to-dos. One more week of party planning. And then....then....relaxing and some Christmas fun. 


With love,
Mama Hauck

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