Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Today is Molly's first whole day in her new classroom with a new teacher and I am so very proud of her!

Three weeks back, the Principle of the Primary School called. I thought it was odd....my children don't get in trouble at school! haha! After a couple seconds of heart pounding panic, I realized he was calling for a different reason.  

Goldendale Primary School has experienced an increase in class size in kindergarten and first grade, bringing each of the 3 kindergarten and 3 first grade classrooms to a class size of about 24 students. In an effort to bring down the class size to about 17-18 students for "optimal learning and student success," a new kindergarten and first grade teacher were hired. Molly was selected to be one of the students to join the new first grade class. 

I listened carefully to the Principle. Five children from each of the first grade classrooms would be selected to make the move to the new first grade class. Students who were not struggling in class and were excelling nicely and on track. Students with no hint at any type of behavior or focus issues. Students who could handle the transition. Students who their current teachers recommend. So.....Molly. The list of students was mulled over and decided upon by the teachers, the Principle, and other important staff. 

At first I wanted to resist. Molly truly loves her teacher, Mrs. Marlow and so do I! Our lives are currently so busy and I honestly didn't want to cope with one more thing or have my child have to cope with one more thing. However, I understand and agree with the school's line of thinking with wanting to reduce class size (YES!!!!!) and ultimately, I know Molly is a tough cookie and really is a stellar student. 

I called Mrs. Marlow to talk with her about it. I trust her judgement and she reassured me that this would be a positive move for Molly and the other chosen students. It was a GOOD thing. If all the parents said no to their child being moved, then nothing would change and everyone would feel the strain. 

Ok! Molly was moving to a new class with a new teacher! But how to tell her? I stressed and stressed over it for a few days. Finally I decided I just needed to bite the bullet and get it done. Molly is a tough cookie, but I still expected some tears and a bit of anxiety over a change.....because that's how I was feeling. It's funny how we project our emotions onto our children. I really need to stop doing that. 

Time and time again Molly proves to us just how strong, self confident, and resilient she is. When I told her, her face lit up and she was all smiles. Excitement! For goodness sake, she was excited to move to a new classroom with a new teacher! Holy smokes, thank God! I about melted into a puddle of relief. And the best part about it all was that she understood why there was a need for a new classroom and why she was chosen. She just blows me away and copes with things far better than her Mama. 

Sweet Molly, have a wonderful first day in your new classroom with your new teacher, Mrs. Cameron! I can't wait to hear all about it! I love you. 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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