Thursday, October 29, 2015

October Goodness!

October is now coming to a close. Bummer!! I feel like October flew by way too fast. We had tons of fun though! 

We read spooky Halloween stories....

Went on nature walks......

Ate yummy candy that I wish was good for you.....

We decorated the house...not as much as usual because of no Halloween party this year, but it's still looking mighty creepy in here!....

And hit up the Pumpkin Patch.....

We had an awesome time at Trunk or Treat......

And had fun carving our pumpkins.....

Best of all, Sammy and I watched scary movies all month long! 

The Babadook
Silent Hill
Let Me In
The Honeymoon 
The Orphanage

On Saturday, Halloween, I think we will just hang out at home. No trick or treating for us since we did the Trunk or Treat in town last weekend and we're content with that. It will be the first weekend since school started that we are void of plans and don't have someplace we have to be! Crazy!! It will be glorious to sleep in! We will enjoy the last day of our Halloween decorations, play outside, putz around, and then Sam and I can end the day with another scary movie. Hooray!

With love,
Mama Hauck

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