Friday, October 2, 2015

I Love Rubber Rats and Googly Eyes

Ahh, October, my favorite month. I love everything about October!

I love looking up at all the webbing in the house and thinking the fake spider is real...every. single. time. 

Collecting pine cones 

The Autumn sun rises

The smell of Fall in the air

Watching scary movies the whole month....first up: Mama. Next to come: Let Me In

The beautiful changing leaves

I love Bon fires

Hot chocolate, hot teas, and salted caramel mocha's

Pumpkin Patches

Watching the deer and turkey in the yard

Fall flowers

I love dressing up and Trick or Treating

The cool crispness in the air...just the right amount

Caramel apples

Sitting under the lights on our porch

I love stuffing pumpkin bags with pine needles (though I hate raking)

Candy from the kids' candy bags

Halloween books from the library

Marshmallows and smores

Long, leisurely drives to go leaf peeping

Corn mazes we always spend an hour in

I love keeping the windows open and letting the Fall breeze blow through the house

Hay rides

Decorating for Halloween....my most favorite holiday!

The return of the rain

Apple cider and apple cider donuts

Carving pumpkins

I love jumping in leaf piles

Halloween parties with creepy Halloween food

Nature walks

A gradual end to all the yellow jackets and wasps

Rubber rats and googly eyes watching me wherever I go in the house

The Autumn sunsets...just as beautiful as the sunrises

I love the Monster Mash station on Pandora

The smell of neighbor's fireplaces in the air

You see...October is simply the best. 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. Can I come??? Wahh That's me crying, sadness. I'd love to be there for one of your Halloweens! Much love to all, Mom and Grandma....Ps got the tickets for the Dickens Fair! Already planning and shopping for make ahead meals so I don't have to cook much except for Tgiving!


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