Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pumpkins, Piggies, and Trunk or Treat

This year, my friend had a little pumpkin patch set up at her house and available to kiddos. Yesterday, we swung on by to let Anthony, Molly, and Timothy pick one out and see what other fun she had going on. Ohhhhh did they love the goats and the little piggies! So dang cute! What a fun activity to add to all our Fall time fun. Thanks, Lacey! We really appreciated the invite out and think what you did was just so dang wonderful! Loved your set up!

After my friend's pumpkin patch, we headed on over to our neighbor's pumpkin patch where the kids got to pick out a pumpkin there as well! Thanks, Tami! So fun everyone shares some pumpkin love with us! It's truly appreciated! :) 

Later that afternoon we headed on back to town so we could join in on all the fun that is Goldendale's Trunk or Treat! We had a super time! I think its awesome our town puts this on every October and we really enjoy being able to take the kids out to trunk or treat up and down main street. It's so fun running into tons of people you know, seeing all the different costumes, and watching the kids get a kick out of getting candy from all the different decorated car trunks and store fronts. This year there were a lot of extra events, and that's awesome! I hope to see Goldendale's Trunk or Treat grow throughout the years. 

As our kiddos get older, we'll consider going out for the traditional trick or treating on Halloween, but for now, we enjoy this local Trunk or Treat event and it seems to be enough for the kids. 

Timothy really got into it this year. He knew what was up! We tried to teach him he had to wait for the candy to be given out, but he wasn't having any of that....he would reach right into the candy buckets and just pick out what he wanted. Haha! He was so adorable in his cop costume, no one minded. :) Anthony loved running into his friends, I even managed to get a picture of him and his friend Christian, who also dressed as Captain America! And sweet skeleton Molly...the whole time we we out, all we heard was, "Hi Molly! Hey Molly! Oh hello, Molly!" I told Molly she must be famous with how many of her friends ran over to say hello, hehe. 

What an awesome, fun filled day! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. Looks like such a wonderful time!! And yes, having such wonderful neighbors to open up their pumpkin patches is wonderful...I think I recognised a shirt or two there! Love you all


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