Sunday, September 13, 2015

Payton NB Photo Shoot

Holy smokes you guys, Little Payton is just darling! Born on September 1st, I was so lucky to be asked to take her photos on the 9th by her proud Mom and Dad.

This was only my 2nd newborn shoot, so I was super nervous, but I prepared myself as best I could and I went in there and did my best! I didn't get all the newborn "poses" I was hoping to get, but sometimes that happens. You know, you can't make a newborn do something they just don't want to do! ;) And over time I've learned that you have to know when to say when and offer to try again a different time. This is true for any type of shoot! After two hours, Payton's parents and I were in agreement that it was time to stop and go for round two in a few days to finish getting the other shots we wanted. After working on the photos I did get, however, everyone was happy with the outcome and it was decided that round two would not be necessary...though I would have gladly gone back if wanted! Hey, I'm no professional and I'm pretty dang humble too, just learning and trying my best as I go along. 

Darling Payton and her sweet big sister Zoey are two very lucky little gals.

With love,
Mama Hauck

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