Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hello School!

Today is the first day of school! Anthony is now in 3rd grade and Molly is in 1st. Oh my, where has the time gone? 

Open house last night was a great success. Both kids loved meeting their teachers, seeing where they sat and who they sat with, and getting all their school supplies put away. I am a huge fan of open house....it goes a long way in making the children feel more comfortable and excited about going back to school!


This morning was as hectic as ever....even with everything all layed out to make things easier! It's as if over the summer we forgot what the morning rush was like getting ready for school! Haha! Good thing Papa took the morning off to help. He made breakfast for the kiddos while I packed their lunches. 

I know it'll take a week or so to get back into the swing of things. But before long we will be a well oiled machine, everyone doing what they need to be doing when they need to be doing it. It's just hard on the first day because, you know, you have to make time for photos. ;)


After everyone was all ready, we headed outside for our traditional "back to school" photos. It was cold!! The poor kiddos were freezing, so the coats went on right after I snapped a shot of their first day of school outfits. 

Even Timothy joined in on the fun, getting his backpack on and posing for a photo. Don't rush it Tim...your time is coming! Thank goodness I have one more year with him at home before he goes off to Preschool.

I really love taking these back to school photos. I love looking back at past years and seeing how much they've grown.  By the time they are graduated and out of high school, I will have this grand collection of photos. It will be quite lovely.






Our bus stop is about 3 miles away, so it takes a little bit to get there. Better not be late! The bus arrived promptly at 7:00am and the kids were giddy with excitement. They sat together on the bus and it about melted my heart.


Goodbye, Sweet-peas! We hope you have the most wonderful first day of school! Mama and Papa are so excited for you and we are looking forward to hearing all about your day!  

YAY for back to school!! 

With love,
Mama Hauck