Thursday, August 20, 2015

Turn Your Face Towards The Sun

The sunsets in Goldendale have been beautiful recently due to all the smoke in the air from all the surrounding fires. I, of course, couldn't resits stopping for a few photos the other day as we took a drive. 

Over time, I've learned it is wise to always keep your camera within arms reach. There are often moments in life you'd like to capture forever. The trouble is sometimes you don't know it until it's upon you. 

I wouldn't have had any trouble remembering this moment though, even if I hadn't had my camera on me to help preserve it.  A lot of the time it's more about the thought and the feeling of a moment more so than the visual beauty.  

My mind was turning over and over, racing. Then just like that, a breeze and a long winded sigh. 

The beauty of the sunset and the moment reminded me of a quote I quite like, so I wanted to share it. Maybe someone out there needs a pretty sunset and reminder. 

Sammy and I get to see the kiddos in 2 days! We're over the moon excited. We're ready to have them home. You know it's time when you find yourself snugging with their blankets just so you can smell them again. 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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