Friday, August 7, 2015

The Girls Trip

Did you know that I have never been on a girls trip? Like a trip where there are no kids and no husbands and it's longer than a few hours and you're not just going grocery shopping.


I know it....you're thinking how sad. Yes, I was sad for me too. But now I can officially say I've experienced the bliss that is "The Girls Trip." I just wish it could have been longer! Really, is it ever long enough!? But work and to-do's were calling.

After spending some time at the coast with my family at our friends' beach home, I was so lucky to return again, but this time with two of my girl friends; Molly and Tracie. Our friends graciously opened up their beach home to me once again so I could enjoy some down time with my girlfriends and I am so very grateful for that. 

We left home at 9 on Sunday and arrived in Garibaldi at about 1, stopping at the Blue Heron for a little shopping and some lunch. Once we got to the beach house, we wasted no time getting ourselves set up. Our friend even left a surprise for us in the fridge which we thoroughly enjoyed while we watched the movie The Duff  (it was cute) and decompressed. After the movie, we went into town for a bit where I had to make sure to get a photo of myself with Bigfoot so I could show Anthony. We then went to The Fish Peddler in Bay City and picked up some delicious clam chowder, calamari, and bread which we enjoyed back at the beach house for dinner. That night we watched a few episodes of Naked and Afraid, followed by a few episodes of American Ninja Warrior....because Molly hadn't seen those shows before and boy was she really missing out this whole time. I mean, Naked and Afraid? Yes please. And ohhhhh was it so nice to just SIT and actually WATCH a show UNINTERRUPTED. Girls time at it's finest, haha!


Monday morning Molly made us a delicious breakfast of buttered toast, raspberries and yogurt, and yummy eggs with spinach and cheese. YUM. With the whole day in front of us and the World our oyster, we headed out the door. The awesome antique stores in Wheeler was our first stop. I splurged and bought Sam the chair he had been eyeballing the previous weekend when we were there together. Lucky him....even on a girls trip where I'm suppose to be spoiling myself, he gets a treat. We eventually made our way to Manzanita where we shopped the shops and ate lunch at the San Dune Pub. Ridiculously delicious.  We all got yummy burgers, tots, and lemon drops. Day drinking.

After that meal, we for sure had to hit the beach which was just a short walk away. Photo time! I'm pretty sure I gave myself a six-pack I laughed so hard. Sometimes it's just good to be a fool in the sand, regardless of an audience. ;) As if walking in the sand slightly toasted wasn't enough work, we decided to go on a mini hike to a special spot Molly knew of in Neahkahnie. That was a fun little trek that ended with a gorgeous view.

After making it back to the beach house, we decided a fire and relaxing was the plan for the rest of the evening. If you haven't noticed, "relaxing" was the theme of this girls trip. Maybe next time it will be the "Girls Gone Wild" version, haha. We were pretty impressed with our fire making skills, and by we, I mean Tracie. You rocked it, girl, thanks. We enjoyed dinner and drinks around the fire then headed on in for some popcorn, a little foot bath and toe nail painting, and 50 Shades of Grey.

Tuesday morning we said goodbye to the beach house. A stop in to the Tillamook Cheese Factory for ice cream was a must. Chocolate peanut butter swirl ice cream cone, please! And I couldn't leave before taking the girls to my special spot, Cape Meares Beach. My happy place and a mandatory stop each and every time I make my way to the Oregon Coast. I set up my tripod for this beach visit and we were able to get in some fun group photos before hitting the road. Working that camera timer....gosh....many...and I mean many takes later, and we have some fun photos to frame. LOL

Thank you, Evans' family, for once again opening up your beach home to me. And thank you, ladies, for making my first girls trip one to remember! I had an absolute blast. I hold so much love in my heart for you, thank you for loving me.

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. So wonderful to have such awesome besties!! Looks like a great time for everyone! Great pics too daughter!


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