Monday, August 10, 2015

Jack Attack

We currently have a yellow jacket problem. A ridiculously insane yellow jacket problem. I'm talking thousands. That's no exaggeration....though I wish it was.

It's steadily gotten worse over the past few weeks and it's now to the point where there is a permanent "buzz" in the air and you don't want to venture outside during the day. They swarm the dog's food and water to the point where they won't even try to eat because there's too many to fend off. We've taken to feeding the dogs at the crack of dawn before the yellow jackets start to come around. They swarm the grill as you're grilling and then for days afterwards getting all the scraps. They swarm the front of the car, loving the heat from it, when you park and get out. They were swarming our sandbox for some reason....yuck. I mean, they are literally everywhere. You don't dare leave the house without a fly swatter in each hand, karate chopping the air the whole time. Comical to see, i'm sure, but totally necessary.

All I can think is thank God the kiddos are at their Grandparent's in CA, otherwise they would be stuck inside going stir crazy because there's no way I could let them play outside right now.

I found a ground nest back behind our house 2 weeks ago that we flooded and sprayed, but there has to be more nests someplace, there's just too many yellow jackets around!

Where the hell did they all come from? What is it about this summer? Where are my sweet honey bees? UGH!!!! I feel like screaming.

Sam made a few homemade traps with dog food and caught a fair amount, but ultimately we decided to go pick up some actual yellow jacket traps from the store. Holy crap do they work and bring to light exactly how bad of an issue we are having right now. The traps are FULL. Every single one. FULL. 

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

We will get a few more traps and continue to set them up in the next few weeks. I hope we can get this issue under control enough before the kids come home. We'd like to enjoy the remainder of our summer outside before school starts! 

With love,
Mama Hauck