Thursday, July 23, 2015

Gratitude Journal - 1 Year

1 year. Every day for 1 year I have written in my gratitude journal. 365 days with 5 entries every day....that's 1,825 all together.....and more since sometimes I wrote more than 5 entries.

The Start

Month 4
Month 8

I am grateful and thankful for....

The way Tim's hand still reaches for mine when we go for walks
The soft glow of my salt lamp next to my bed
Sleeping in till 8
The coaster Molly made for me at school for Mother's Day
Free samples at Costco to keep the children quiet and happy
Jamming to my youtube play list with the kids
Hearing Tim say, "Tim miss Anthony and Molly" when they are away at school
Agreeing to disagree
Laughing hysterically with Molly over poop streaks she left in the school potty during teacher conference
Homemade whipped cream
The kids helping me make blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes
Anthony's missing-tooth smile
The sun filtering in through my kitchen window in the morning
Listening to the kids giggle for hours on the trampoline
Watching an old childhood favorite of mine, Benji, with the kids
Tim's new favorite book "My Heart Is Like A Zoo"
Being able to buy the 5 acres next to us to prevent getting neighbors
Pretzels and cheese sauce
Dying Easter eggs with the family
Planting trees with Anthony and his class on his field trip
The nostalgic feeling of hanging laundry up on the line
Molly telling me that I am the nicest Mama
Letting things roll off my back
Watching the kids play Twister and figure out their rights from their lefts
My new camera after my other one went by way of the sprinkler
Seeing how handsome Anthony looked wearing his Cub Scout uniform to school 
The crackle of a fire
Tim saying, "Potty Power!" while running to the potty
Sam being smoke free
Planting trees in our yard to watch grow over the years
The cool air of the fan blowing on me while I sit in bed reading
Sitting under the glow of our colorful porch string lights 
Listening to Grandpa read to Tim
Seeing the ultrasound of my niece/nephew due in October
Anthony being thoughtful and making us a snack of meat, cheese, and crackers while we worked in the yard
Looking pretty dang awesome in our Cub Scout gear
The vinegar smell of a clean bathroom
All the kids falling asleep in the car on the ride home....total silence
Reading with Molly
Overcast day to give us a break from the heat
Rug-doctoring our carpets
Biting my tongue
Watching Tim ride his bike while saying, "Look at me!"
Keeping my cool during a major grocery store melt down
Hand picked flowers from Anthony
Looking through the kids' baby books with them 
Fresh hand picked strawberries, rhubarb, garlic, and green beans from a friend's garden
Revamping the kids' bedrooms....thanks Overstock and Ikea!
Slip 'N' Slide fun
Sam getting off work early
The 3's and 4's on my children's report cards...hard work pays off
Finally getting in for a hair appointment
Astro turf
Kayaks to paddle around in while camping 
On the rare chance Molly gets bashful, she still hides behind my legs with a shy grin
Seeing my cousin
Sticky ice cream faces 
Scoring tons of books at the Goldendale Library book sale for $10
The pride of our Cub Scouts while marching in the 4th of July parade 
Molly wanting to be tucked in-just right-by her Mama and Papa
Train set all over the kitchen floor
Laughing at Papa's fart sound app on his phone
Tim crying on the floor and my heart melting when he says. "Mama, pick me up please!" 
The kiddos making me a birthday card
The sound of the sprinkler
Salted caramel mochas 
Advice from a friend
Anthony still calls my name when he's scared or upset
Walking into the boys' room and seeing Tim's baby face all lit up by his glowworm
Reaching my goal of 1 year

1 year was my goal, and now that I've reached it, I think I'll start something new. A journal for my children: Things I want to say to them.... Little things, big things, things I don't want to forget, my shortcomings and fears, good days, bad days, what they did or said that made me laugh or made me proud. Just...everything. And not written in daily, but as things come to me.

Another treasure for the future.

With love,
Mama Hauck

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