Wednesday, June 17, 2015

No More Pencils, No More Books....

No more teacher's dirty looks!! Haha, I can't be the only one who remembers this song from way back when! 

Happy Last Day of School, Goldendale! ;) 

The kids were so excited about today being the last day of school, it took them over an hour to fall asleep last night. We could hear them in their bedroom being silly and giggling, haha. 

Every year we like to get the kids' teachers a special "thank you" gift and pick up a fun "end of the school year" surprise for the kids' classmates. This year I made Anthony and Molly's teachers each a pencil name plaque to hang outside their classroom door. I also made one for the ladies in the office. The Mrs. Smith one was a custom order.

For Molly's classmates, I picked up bubble wands and we tied a note to each one. For Anthony's classmates, I picked up some silly straws and we tied a note to each one as well. All this stuff I got at the Dollar Store. The bubble wands came in a pack of 3, and the straws a pack of 6, so that helped with cost. Super simple, super cheap, super cute. Definitely worth it to see the smile on Anthony and Molly's faces and know how delighted they always are to give their friends a simple gift at the end of the school year.

This morning it was rise and shine like usual....except it'll be the last time getting ready for school for the whole Summer! I'm sooooo looking forward to sleeping in!! ....if the kids allow! Look at those happy smiles! As happy as they are that Summer break is upon us,  Anthony and Molly both tell me they will miss their teachers. I have to agree. They have been AWESOME.

I couldn't resist taking a few "last day of school" photos! Ohhh my how they have grown and blossomed.

 This one is THE BEST!

Once we got down to the bus stop, it was time for a group photo shoot!

And then the bus came to pick them up and get them to school...for the last time this school year. Next time they get on the bus at our busy stop, it will be as a 1st and 3rd grader. Wow.

Have a good last day of school, my little sweet peas! Let the Summer fun begin! 

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Whoop whoop!!! What fun, looks like a wonderful way to spend the last day at school giving of goodies to our favorite teachers and our classmates. yes Rebecca I too remember the "diddy" about teachers dirty looks. Look forward to seeing you all as usual. So proud of you kiddos such hard work going to school is.

  2. They are the cutest! Enjoy your summer vacation!!


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