Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Zoey 1-year Photos

On May 2nd I had the pleasure of taking sweet Zoey's 1 year photos. I did Zoey and her family's photos last December for Christmas and was excited to have this little cutie back for another photo shoot! 

It can be difficult photographing a little one, and I am definitely no expert. I think the hardest aspect is getting and keeping their attention. Most times their attention seems to be everywhere BUT the camera, haha. Thankfully no one ever seems to mind the weird noises and silly antics I do to try and make a child look at the camera. And luckily, this time around, my kitty Charlie came to help! She hung out by us for a good part of our shoot and I was able to hold her in my lap while I took photos and she captured Zoey's attention very nicely. And you know what, even if you can't get a child to look right at the camera, profile shots or where they're "looking off into the distance" are really nice photos too. So in general, I try not to worry too much...as long as I get a handful of photos where a child is looking, I'm happy. 

What a cutie pie! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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