Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Get Air

Over the kiddo's spring break, I met up with a friend and her kiddos and we went to Get Air Trampoline Park in Yakima, WA. 

It was our first time going and the kids had a BLAST! Even Timothy, who was skeptical at first, wound up throwing caution to the wind and had a great time jumping. 

I'm thinking we're going to go there for Timothy's birthday. He'd totally get a kick out of that. His birthday is May 11th, a Monday, and yes....the older kiddos have school. A few more years and Timothy will be in school as well. But we've already decided that no kiddo of ours will ever go to school on their birthday. Birthdays are special. So very special. It should be a crime to have a birthday during the school months! Haha My birthday is in July, I never had to do school on my birthday. Holy hell, I can't even imagine sitting in math or Spanish class on my birthday. Torture. So it's settled....no school on anyone's birthday. Ever. End of discussion. 

We will play hooky instead. Sam from work, the older kids from school. We will drive to Yakima and jump and jump and jump. Then eat lunch and cake. We will have a grand 'ol time because birthdays only come once a year and the years fly by and damn it, you've got to live while you can.

Let the birthday planning begin!  

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. Sounds so wonderful!!! And it looks like everyone had such a GREAT time!


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