Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Fun

Coloring eggs is always a fun and special occasion in our home. I think back to when I colored eggs as a child, it's just one of those memories that stand out for me. I hope our children enjoy it just as much as I did. So exciting! The smell of vinegar, watching the color tablets dissolve, deciding which color you're going to use first, trying to get that perfect shade of blue, inevitably cracking an egg, fighting over the last remaining eggs. Haha, yes, I can say not much has changed between when I was a kid and now, having children of my own.

Look at those beautiful eggs! 

Every year I do an Easter Bunny trail from the kids' bedroom to their Easter baskets. I love it! In previous years I've used jelly beans. This year, since we are cutting back on excessive sweets, I used Annie's Bunny Crackers. How fitting! 

The kids each received 2 books, some new shirts, a bag of bunny crackers, and bubbles. Molly's special gifts were nail polish, a hair bow, a necklace, and an Anna dress for her American Girl Doll. Timothy's special gifts were a light up laser gun, and a wooden airplane with his name burned into it. Anthony's special gifts were a clip on light that he can clip onto books so he can read in bed at night, and a wooden airplane with his name burned into it. They also received cards and Easter money from family. Lucky kiddos! 

When Timothy woke up Easter morning and saw the crackers on the floor, the look on his face was just priceless! "Hey! Bunny cracker mess!" he exclaimed with a sour pout on his face. LOL!! I'm sure he thought he was going to be blamed for it, so he was very adamant about pointing it out to me and making sure I knew he found it like that, hahaha. Molly came out next, and then Anthony. Follow the trail, little bunnies! 

The hunt is on! Our Easter eggs were filled with money (a few dollars and lots of change!) for their piggy banks, and broken up pieces of the most ridiculously yummy organic salted chocolate bar I've ever tasted. Anthony and Molly really rocked the egg hunt, but Timothy was left in the dust a bit. We had to rein the older two in so Timothy would have a few eggs left to find. Next year, I'm thinking a 1 minute head start for Tim, lol. 

After baskets, our egg hunt, and breakfast, we all got our butts outside. Sam and I got some projects done for the upcoming farmers market, the kids played, and then Sam and the kiddos helped move and even out a large dirt pile we had in our yard. Great job, guys! 

Movie time! We rented Into The Woods on pay-per-view and popped a bag of popcorn to enjoy while watching it. If you haven't seen the movie, I recommend you do. It's a musical and we all enjoyed it very much. There were a few times where Molly covered her face, but all in all I thought it was pretty kid friendly.

Our Easter dinner was a simple, yet delicious one. We had ham, chive and cheese mashed potatoes, and green beans. Thanks for the delicious dinner, Sammy. 

What a wonderful Easter we had! Love my little Hunny Bunnies!

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. Beautiful eggs, beautiful smiles and it looks like you had a beautiful day!! Lots of love you all!


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